Problems In My Crypto Mining Basement

In today’s video we move into our Crypto Mining Room that we have been building over the last few months and boy are we …


  1. Ive worked in alot of server cooling rooms (i work in telecom/at nodes) And the most important thing to have is an AC. When the heat reaches a certain point you need AC. Nothing else will help

  2. Now that it’s been running for a bit, how are humidity levels? Any moisture or condensation issues between moisture, and the cold and hot air mixing?

  3. use a portable air conditioner.tie the exhaust for the ac to your room exhaust.a lot cheaper than running all those fans and you can control the temp down to or up to whatever you want

  4. Hi all what u will need is a large intake from the bottom of the room and a large exit exhaust at the top due to hot air rises if u want out side temp in that room not the same air circulating u want air flow. So for example intake 50mm exhaust should be 100mm and seal the room with a door

  5. Man the reason I really like your videos compared to the other channels out there is because the scale that you're at is very similar to where I'm currently at. You're also very clear and straight forward with the videos. Gives me a red panda mining vibe (In a good way!) Keep up the good work! your channel will grow in no time.

  6. Everyone seems to be doing same thing, not enough intake. You'll find the right combo. Looks good, nice clean setup.

  7. If you still have a problem with the heat dissipation; try to calculate the total general kW produced in that room and multiply by 150CFM. So if you have 5kW for example you will need to exhaust 750CFM. Any exhaust fan that can throw out 750cfm should be sufficient. I have a cooling enclosure pdf if you would like me to send it.

  8. My honest opinion, you spending to much money on the fans. Your setup is excellent, the way you hanging the gpus are awesome, it will help a lot especially if you are mining RVN, and the room already good enough, I live at tropical country where it hot 365 days all year long, even at night i got like 34-35 Celcius here. My setup is similar to your's but my room setup is circle with one opening, I put 4 racks in each circle room, using 1,5 Meter rack, each rack have 2 rigs and each rig have 7 GPU hanging like jerky. 1 24 inch industrial blower at bottom of the entrance, 1 24 inch industrial exhaust at the top, i got 67 degree celcius top on a typical RX570 4GB aggressive setting (1175/1/850/850/2100/1/MT 30)

  9. Go for postive airflow, same idea as a computer case, you need more fresh air to cool the cards and take away the heat than hot air to be removed, plus if you have positive airflow, you will have natural exaust…

  10. And another question 😅: Considering the investment you are making in that basement… Wouldn't it be better to run 3060Ti(For instance) instead of RX470?. I mean, one of your RX470, gives 13MH/s(ish) & 94W. One 3060Ti gives 61MH/s(ish) and 119W. If you wanted to have the equivalent with your RX470s, you would need 5 of them for: 65MH/s(ish) and 470W. More or less the same as one 3060Ti but way more Watts (470W vs 119W). Unless you were able to buy all those AMD cards soooooooo cheap, I don't know if it´s worth it that Wattage difference?. I'm just curious (or unless you have free electricity 😄). Thanks!

  11. It would be cool to know (I don’t know if you already talked about this), if you reinvest what you mine (eth for instance), for buying more GPUs, or if you just mine Eth, Rvn / whatever and just Hold it. Do you also buy other cryptos as investment?. Cheers!

  12. As a test why not just leave the doorway open to that room. If everything cools down then you know your problem is not enough air in. Think of this like a cars engine. More air in and more air out the better the engine performs. Restricting either one will restrict the whole thing.

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