RocketFuel Blockchain Launches B2B Solution

RocketFuel Blockchain, which provides payment solutions using cryptocurrencies, announced Tuesday (July 26) that it has debuted a new B2B cross-border settlements solution.

The new solution will facilitate settlements for B2B entities with stablecoins. This will be done through a combination of digital and fiat currencies, per the release, allowing for fast, reliable, compliant and automated cross-border settlements.

The release noted that RocketFuel’s virtual currency platform makes use of numerous digital pay options for both crypto or fiat currencies. They can be used for things like metaverse or non-fungible token (NFT) platforms to allow payments for in-game tokens, cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins and other such things.

“An important factor that is pushing crypto payments into mainstream is settlement layers using stablecoins, in particular USDT and USDC,” said Peter Jensen, RocketFuel CEO. “This is not yet so visible for the retail customer but has a very important effect on the general integration of crypto-rails for financial institutions, creating stable, programmable and efficient settlement layers.

“Due to our newly received crypto-exchange (VASP) license in Europe, RocketFuel is now able to offer PSPs and eCommerce merchants stablecoin settlements in a completely regulated environment.”

PYMNTS wrote last year that RocketFuel was working with ACI Worldwide on allowing for more alternative currency payments for merchants globally.

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ACI Worldwide is a real-time digital payments platform, and the partnership saw ACI Secure eCommerce adding RocketFuel as a way for merchants to accept crypto payments through a single platform, with no processing fees.

In a press release at the time, Jensen said he believed in the potential for crypto to transform things.

“Cryptocurrency will revolutionize eCommerce and in-store shopping as consumer adoption continues its ascent, and more merchants worldwide recognize the significant benefits of this payment type,” he said.

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