Simple Cryptocurrency Trading Signal App using Python and Streamlit [Realtime]

In this video I am showing how to build your own Trading App to get live signals (in this example a moving average crossover) for …


  1. i tried the same code as you, but i think that python take a lot f time to open database, and then add the data, the websocket send messages in less time that python can store the previues message, i use excel and its working more fast than sql, i think because of my pc

  2. My comments keep getting deleted. Sorry rather than store the miniTicker Data for all usdt pairs I would like to store the Kline_1m data, I just cannot get the code to work, I can change it to work with ticker and trades ok but am struggling with the Kline stream. if you could point out where I should be looking It would be much appreciated.


  3. Hi Im Trying to stream the Kline_1m stream and store in the sqlite db but I get nothing, Im new to python and can store miniTicker, ticker, but cant get the kline data in there, can you point me in the right direction please.

  4. buddy can u make a video on creating trailing stop loss (since binance do have this feature)
    btw i am getting error in sccript 1 frame=pd.DataFrame(symbol)[['E','s','c']]
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  5. love that! I want use a different timeframe with a 200EMA, i can wait a day for download data, set cronjob for update DB for the first script(ex 5 minute update) and after that start a second script with my personal strategy for retreive my personal signal (ex golden cross, incluse cronjob setup)with data update. Correct? I have see a stock video where you set a class for send email in a loop, very interesting…

  6. Great idea, but could you make a video where you apply and strategy to buy or sell and send you a message to your Telegram or any open source notification app? so that you don't have to keep upgrading the screen, but you get the notification in your phone. Thanks πŸ™‚ great job

  7. Love your videos! They are so beginner friendly. Just a doubt, what changes should i make to the code if I want EMA instead of SMA in a 5min timeframe?

  8. Another great video, very educative! I would like to resample the data from 5m to 4 hours and keep in the same dataframe as the 5m data, do you mind giving me some ideas sir? Thank you very much

  9. I appreciate your videos!
    Any idea why the stream stops so often? I cannot seem to get it to stream for more than 30 minutes or so. Any input would be much appreciated!

  10. Great video thanks, just a question do you have something running in the background to keep the database small? am I right in saying you are only taking samples from the database of 30 mins, so in theorey could you DELETE * FROM table WHERE datetime > 30 mins ago ?

  11. Great video and great idea. In my experience the EMA provides an earlier signal than SMA, sometimes by minutes. Much better for trading.

  12. Great video as usual, well explained, more entertaining. Maybe u need to create a discord server to enlarge the community. Unfortunately, there is only one video about advanced machine learning algorithms for crypto Bot, more precisely the one about time series. I hope that you shed more light on this aspect of trading bot development. Maybe, I can help in the near future.

  13. Hlw sir I really enjoyed your videosπŸ’“πŸ’“. sir can u make a video using multiple statergys by storing the price chart in SQL database/live price from website then implementing some statergys as a variable (i.e. rayner statergy, indicator statergy,if the price raise by x% then exist when the profit is above 0.015% or loss is crossing 0.015%) while trading just calling the statergys by their name πŸ’“sir can u make It will make easier πŸ™‚β£οΈβ£οΈ

  14. Could you maybe show a how you can backtest one of your Crypto-Trading Bots? I find its one of the most important things to do with a Trading Bot, but u haven't done it once in your videos. Would be much appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  15. the last entry in my database was at 09:35, but according to utcnow it should be at 9:40 …. why is there a difference of 5 minutes? If I output utcnow () and now () in my program, everything fits and the difference is exactly one hour. Why is my program 5 minutes behind?

  16. I dont really understand the first script
    when i copy it, the function on_message(ws, message) never gets executed
    i understand that somehow with ws = …on_message=on_message it should be called, but then the parameters have to be given or not?

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