Make The MOST Money Trading Bitcoin (Crypto Leverage Trading Explained)

Cryptocurrency leverage trading can make you a TON of money while trading crypto. You can turn hundreds of dollars into tens of …


  1. And then finally find your way to the doctor to get a full check up get your blood work done and see exactly what your deficiencies are. Come on man? You trade crypto with good rules and you found those rules. I wish you could apply those rules to your Health so you can have a long life with your beautiful family

  2. Treat your body and train your body the way you are treating your crypto with consistency and rules. What’s the point of being extremely unhealthy and dying soon when you could be in fantastic shape just following your own rules of trading your crypto?

  3. This idiot contradicts himself telling people this and that, be careful, hodl, bla bla bla then he has a video on leverage trading 😂😂😂

  4. Live your desired life/dream life. I encourage everyone to invest in crypto currency Today and live a crypto lifestyle with professional, is the best way to financial freedom

  5. Hi BitBoy can u explain when i use 100usd on 10x leverage, why isnt my profit for expl if im up 10 procent 100 usd?? it says im 10 doll up like im not using any leverage… anyone help

  6. I shoulda watched before i got liquidated last night big fan off bitboy have learned so much. put a long on xrp, ada, and eth thursday rode the wave up .. had cross margin on man that would have saved my 3grand i was using cross margin. If I would watches this video i would still be in the money not gone lie I cried a lil bit. Im a ex college athlete that got in a little trouble aint nothing shook for me since. Stumbled across bitboy and i feel this channel gone help change my life.

  7. I learned liquidation the other day lol tried leverage trading and it was fun made $70 off of $10 then got ballsy and lost everything in my account due to liquidation

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  9. Lol im super new to margin trading so I figured I'd just make a few $50 leverage trades to learn. Hahaha I got a lot to learn still. Putting leverage trading on the back burner for a few. GGs Bybit

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