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Robotics.Online,  a value trading platform that was launched earlier in 2022, completed necessary security upgrades to allow cryptocurrency trades.   Of the thousands of cryptos on the market today, the brand is only focused on 4 at the moment, with rumors of more to come afloat.    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, and Tether were all made available to the platform’s users this week.  

Though the site’s user base is not as big as Coinbase or Binance, the move does open the possibility of millions of dollars in funds flooding into crypto this week. 

$300 in Free Trades

To celebrate the launch of cryptocurrencies trading option, Robotics On-line has also relaunched their ‘bonus offer’ to new users.  

“We are bringing this back to celebrate and compete with Coinbase and Binance’s affiliate programs.  Users want to try newer platforms before investing and the Robotics.OnLine front office understands that,” wrote a company representative to followers during a Telegram AMA session.

That new user bonus at sign up is $300 (USD) and only available to those who use affiliate links (click here). 

A supporter of the brand launched the subreddit r/RoboticsOnline.  The social media community attempts to keep up with the trading platform’s latest update and bonus offers.  It also allows users to share their own experiences.

4 Cryptocoins Available & 2 May Be Added Soon

Judging by the community, users are hoping that Robotics On-line will expand to include Shiba Inu (SHIB) and DogeCoin (DOGE).  Rumors are circulating on the subreddit that it might.  This has not been confirmed via any official source however.

As of today, only four coins are available for trading on the platform.  The main three cryptocurrencies which have the greenlight are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin.  And for volatility-free holding, the stable coin Tether is readily available for hodling.

Bitcoin and Ethereum of course are the two most are interested in, across the board.  ETH fans wait ‘the flippening,’ users of Bitcoin await regulation.   

Analysts predict Ethereum could skyrocket to a value of $20,000 (USD) in the future.  It is ranked by most as the cryptocurrency with the best utility or usability in real world cases.  And once the ability to do 100,000 transactions per second is realized by Ethereum, no other technology in the world will have a better transaction processing value to businesses. At least this is the layman’s version of what many expect.

Of course, some crypto-enthusiasts predict Solana  or Polygon may compete, but their brands are not nearly as known or trusted as Ethereum.  Especially after Solana’s recent cross-bridging hack lost users hundreds of millions of dollars.

As for Bitcoin, its desire does not come from real-world, day-to-day use.  It’s instead considered the best way to store money against inflation.   And with more wealthy leaning towards BTC for this exact reason, there’s speculation a ‘crypto typhoon’ is on the way.  Elite businessmen such as Kevin O’Leary predict Bitcoin could see a 25% increase in 1 day with official regulations being announced.  Such regulations will allow governments to begin putting their US dollars into Bitcoin, which will flood the market with Trillions of dollars within 24 hours.  Not only that , but it will continue to grow.

For all of these reasons, it’s easy to understand why Robotics.Online has decided to add cryptocurrencies to its value trading platform.

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