Crypto mining with Android & iPhone – Best settings to earn the most Nodle Cash

Mining Nodle Cash with your phone is by far the easiest free crypto mining to date. Simple free crypto mining with IOS and …


  1. Can send your nodl to this if you don't want your nodl or don't plan on using it ever, will help a lot for an upcoming investor like me, thx 🙂

  2. Hey, cooles Video. Was ich super fände: Könntest Du bitte auch genauer auf die Funktionen eingehen? Beispiele: Ich lebe an einer Hauptverkehrsstraße in Berlin, da fahren dauernd Autos entlang und schicken mir kleine Rewards. Muss dazu die App dauerhaft offen sein, oder kann ich diese auch schließen, damit ich dort ein bisschen Akku sparen kann? Ich habe das Samsung S22 und die App erst seit heute 17.05.22 …. Hier sieht meine Oberfläche leider ganz anders aus als bei Dir und, die Akku Einstellungen lassen sich nicht so optimieren wie bei Dir, da ich sämtliche Einstellungen schon vorgenommen hatte, Dein Video aber erst später geschaut habe. Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle.

  3. Цена на 22 ноября будет примерно 0.152$
    Осталось 200 дней. Профит 30$ и это при том что у меня работает с 3 устройств.

    Идея конечно интересная. Но больше это все похоже на массовую рекламу.

  4. Been mining since 28.11.21 on 3 devices. Iphone 6, 7 and 10. Earned 225 Nodle's so far. Live in a small town. Phones is always home and connected to WIFI with screen always on.

  5. I have couple of phones and it seems like the Galaxy A5 is the most profitable for me, but I never got 5 in one month lol, I recently got 2.00 something after using it in the past couple of months. I wonder if the app has to be turned on in the background?

  6. Samsung doesn't let the app run in background only works while your in the app I've changed all my settings on my phone and still doesn't mine in the back ground

  7. Samsung galaxy A71 5g about 5 months 2.5 nodle i think this is ridiculous being based on where you live almost not worth mining and my settings are right

  8. I've been mining nodle for almost 2 months, and I have only 5.3. I live in a city, in a building with a lot of people in it. That's with my pixel phone and oneplus phone combined. Pretty pathetic.

  9. Iam earning since two days ähhmm I mean two nights!! ( the phone placed on the window ) I earned 2,5 (!!) Nodle after I tried one month walking around using it in the backgriund with 0,01 earnings 😀

  10. Not all Android devices are created equal. I have two Motorola phones and one mines twice as well as the other. Samsung and Huawei are notoriously bad. I have a lot more Nodle, but that's because they recently had a bug that accidentally gave folks tons of Nodle. Otherwise I'd probably be at about where you are now.

  11. I have been mining for a month or so on both an ipad and an android phone. The rates are very low for the phone, but on the iPad I woke up one morning and it had mined over 40! I guess it all comes down to whether an IOT device nearby is making use of our connection.

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