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  1. One of the best vids I’ve seen! ty

    By the way I’ve invested in, as you advised and now I’ve got more than x2 of my tokens. I don’t wanna be a weak hand so I want to hear your opinion, when will be the best time to sell and invest again?

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  3. I so much appreciate you Mr Richard,,,, I appreciate you to MI's Lilian who introduced me to this wonderful man, my heart full of joy and happiness,, God bless you so much

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  7. I saw a post of someone speaking really loudly about @adrianlomahackr on telegram so who has been he's manager for some time now, he said everything about how @ADRIANLOMAHACKR ON TELEGRAM so has changed his life for the better.

  8. Great video! I'm still tempted to learn about trading 😂 I know people say 80-90% of people aren't successful and lose money, but a 10-20% success rate is not that bad. Something like 90% of people surely fail at a lot of things – weight loss, quitting smoking, learning an instrument, becoming self employed … We don't tell people never to start a business because a lot of them fail. Trading probably attracts a lot of get rich quick without doing much hard work type of people as there's no barrier to entry, no interview process etc. Then again I may be horribly wrong but I wouldn't bet the house on trades unless it was in the hands of a man I met here on Youtube, a Mr. Zack. Reach him via (, he also gives the best advice on anything concerning trading.

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