Ethereum News, LHR Stuff, Crypto Mining LIVE

Ethereum News LHR Stuff Crypto Mining In todays Live stream lets talk crypto mining and other events that happened this week.


  1. @ Rabid Mining thanks for all the input in our community, we miners are small but we keep going forward no matter what. keep up the amazing content, intel and inputs.

  2. The Merge delay or not is frustrating as hell. If I knew, for certain, that the Merge wasn't going to happen until Jan 23, I'd build another rig. Gpu's have always been easy for me to get at retail, and now with 100% unlock that will be even easier. I have everything I need to start another 13 GPU rig, including a few GPU's….BUT, NOT Knowing holds me back.

  3. Hi Rabid, I live in BC Canada, and sated mining just over a year ago. Last year when i did my taxes I setup my mining Bussiness. Got a perprieship business licence. Payed some taxes last year. but I had spent 30k in hardware, plus tones of write offs one of the being my hydro. I could only write 30% of the hardware the first year, next year I can write off 30 of the remander then 30 the next year. So for the next couple of years maybe even 3 . Even if i run at a negitive in profit I will get a tax credit.

  4. Hi rabid, my area is saturated. Could we work something out ill send you a couple cnt miners? We can split some profits and you'll have some miners close by to you. Thanks for all the vids!

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