Ethereum, Ripple & Bitcoin – American Wrap 16 September

Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: The caveats to BTC’s slippery slope to $12,000

Bitcoin price has been on a rollercoaster ride since June 18. The most recent yet explosive run-up has hit targets mentioned in our previous publication. After hitting these levels, BTC has undone these gains quickly. However, the ongoing pullback has pushed BTC back to a stable demand zone that has the potential, at least, to trigger another leg-up.

What to expect from the post-Merge Ethereum, the whole truth

Ethereum merged successfully and post the transition to proof-of-stake analysts have addressed the questions surrounding the ETH blockchain. Analysts remain bullish on Ethereum and set a new price target for the altcoin. 

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: No FUD just charts pt. 2

The cryptocurrency market liquidates early traders who partook in the 20% rally in early September. A sweep-the-lows event is likely underway. Key levels have been identified. Bitcoin price falls below $19,500, spelling bad news for the uptrend scenario. Ethereum has breached the August low at $1,419. Ripple price diverges as it rebounds into the 21-day simple moving average.