How NOT to power your crypto mining rig

Avoid using nonofficial EVGA power supply cables, they can burn if there is too much power being drawn through them. Red Fox …


  1. Have you tried Absolute Core Clock on your GPU's and measured if there is any difference in Wattage usage compared to just setting PL? I had ALOT less fluctuation in Power Usage on my Cards using Absolute Core Clock (ex. Zotac RTX 3080 NON LHR 1100 Absolute Core Clock / 2900 Memory i have 102.9 MH/s @ 231W with 42°C on the Core and 94°C on Mem with 75% Fan speed, no Thermal Pad Modding), could probably be one of the reasons your cable burnt and why you can't add higher OC on your Memory (Throttling. Also did you check your VRAM temps in Windows if your cards are Thermal Throttling? Maybe its worth to repaste/repad some of them.
    I'm not sure how you powered each card, but it's possible your cards are also throttled by the delivered Power of the cables (if possible use 2 separate 8-Pin PCI-E Cables instead of 1 Daisy-chained), Server Supplies are probably the best Solution for Powerhungry Cards. If one of the Cards have a Power Spike it could potentionally have a load more than 1 Daisy-Chained Cable + the Riser can handle and melt it (1x Daisy-Chained 8P-Pin + Power over Riser are theoretical max. 375W).

    If Power and Temps are fine and you can OC your cards more, you have potentionally 10% more Hashrate overall.

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