How to Use BlockFi for Beginners (Earn Crypto Passive Income on BlockFi)

How to use BlockFi to earn passive income on Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins. BlockFi tutorial for BlockFi Interest Account, …


  1. Is this a good location to store all your crypto whilst awaiting the bear market to end? I want to exit bitcoin when it hits $100k and this eesm like the ideal place to store it without actually selling it for fiat, is this as tax dodging strategy too? Also what alt coins that's aren't listed on blocks such as Shiba, how done deposit them?

  2. Thank you for the helpful information. But what happens if your out of the country, will 2 step authenticity still work? If my phone doesn't work in another country will google A still work?

  3. Transfering money from Binance to Blockfi is very expensive! I didn't transfer my funds because I would have to pay more than 50 dollars overall to transfers around 1K dollars worth of ETH, BTC and Link… So I decided to wait until I have more funds before I make the transfer. Does anybody know if there's any way around it? I've thought about converting all my assets into USDT in Binance, making one transfer and them transfering them back into ETH, BTC etc on Blockfi. Would it work?

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