I Need More Power in My Crypto Mining Basement…

In this video I NEED MORE POWER in my crypto mining basement. I walkthrough my current power setup and limitations and …


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  2. Would really like to know more about your grow tent. I am considering one for summer mining with a small server AC unit inside. Tent size and how you are collecting and disseminating heat out of the tent are of most importance.

  3. Bro our setups are almost exactly the same (you have about 2x more cards though lol) – but it's nice to hear we went though the same thought processes.
    1. Water bad, stay away from water 😂
    2. I'm in a constant state of adding breakers and more power and shuffling rigs around my basement

    With your adding a 3rd 30amp, are you still using sense, or have you started using alternative power tracking?

  4. You now need a mechanism called flywheel RPM multiplier!
    If you are ready to Build that in your backyard or basement ! let me know, i can help with information
    It can be used to multiply the electric supply!

    like intake will be 10KW and output will be 10KW *(RPM generated by flywheel divided by RPM provided by Motor to Flywheel!)

    Yes you ll need a gearbox, i know its crazy but trust me its fun to work on specially if you are doing it in house
    Also can save allot in electricity bills too

  5. x12 mining box is nice buy the fans take lot of power . the fans take like 300w just for the fans. I would go through all your cards. consolidate all the small ones. and get rid of the small cards that are only doing 30 mega hash. sell those and get and only use like 30 80s that are getting a hundred mega hash

  6. dude im on the same boat debating on selling off my gtx 1060 rig andswap out were at the end on eth so after a year of slowly building my farm i have decided to just stop adding and continue on maxed out
    theres only so much i can do in an apartment with access to 3000 watts 10 amps per outlet with 6 outlets at 115 volts ..so id rather play it safe i just need some rx 6600s

  7. 250ft is the minimum spool size of 10/2 Romex to buy. Price per foot is significantly less. Then you always have some leftover for the inevitable next circuit. Let's hope the run isn't 26ft.

  8. That basement has so much potential especially the long "hallway" area. I'd rent a storage unit and put all that stuff in storage and then line grow tents up back in that space. Grow tents would protect your rigs from any possible water line concerns for the most part. You could go as far as putting a heavy duty commercial grade plastic over the tents for extra protection or even a tarp for piece of mind.

    Great videos and setup dude!!!

  9. Please use some of that Red Fox money and have a HVAC guy/girl help you figure out your ventilation system. I flip houses and when I hear drips, plastic, heat used together; it’s usually followed by I think I have a mold problem.

  10. So since everyone seems to be switching to server cases, what are the options to get them more quite? Is there a fan that works better (aka quieter) but may be a bit more costly? Open air with whatever fan we want seems more like a "home" setup. All youtube home miners are now setting up server rooms… haha

  11. How is your basement not boiling? I'm having some major heat issues right now hitting 40 degrees Celsius; I currently have 3 inline fans. 2 exhaust at 710CFM and 1 intake at 710CFM and 0 degrees Celsius outside right now. Summer's going to destroy me lol My rigs are directly under the air conditioning ducts too I didn't even think about condensation and dripping….

  12. Oh man electricity and YouTube… I can't wait to see the trolls and safety sally's come out to play.
    All in all it's a fine and safe job, so don't let anyone scare you into thinking otherwise.

  13. What is that antenna coming out from the electric panel?
    Also curious about that safe which was laying on the ground before you put all your rigs :p
    Enjoy your week Mike <3

  14. I'm in the same boat, the power company is sending out an engineer today to do the initial survey so I can start the process of upgrading my main line breaker from 200 to 400 amps.

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