Reap a 7% Presale Bonus Reward with VertoChain – See How It’s Aiming to ‘Swap’ market cap roles with top crypto Ethereum and Bitcoin

Organizations are starting to consider Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency more seriously, this is either for transactional or operational needs among other things. It also appears cryptocurrency is becoming a less risky enterprise by the day which is a good thing. But with its risks come incentives and these are factors companies can consider when it comes to using cryptocurrency.

The general transaction speeds of crypto allow people to send their money or assets quicker compared to banks which can easily take 5 days. Stock trades take about three days and wire transfers about 24 hours. Cryptocurrency transactions are different and can be completed in a few minutes. All that needs to happen is a confirmation of your transaction block by the network; allowing you to then access your fees and use them. This article will look at the role VertoChain (VERT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) play in cryptocurrency this 2022.

VertoChain (VERT)- digital asset swapper

VertoChain (VERT) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, it harnesses the latest blockchain technology to provide the ability of digital asset swapping across five chains. These five chains, most of which are popular, are currently Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The name VertoChain (VERT) is a mission statement that already confirms the use of the platform. ‘Verto’ means Swap in Latin which implies that VertoChain (VERT) is a blockchain that swaps digital assets across chains.  VertoChain tokens (VERT) are the official utility tokens of the platform and the key to VertoChain’s (VERT) features.

Its Vision

To enhance and further the use of digital assets to the regular person or organization using blockchains, this should then speed up the adoption of crypto assets worldwide. The near-zero charges of a swap transaction act as a service incentive for users seeking to move their assets.


BSC’s role in VertoChain

VertoChain (VERT) is built on the BSC which allows it to use the proof-of-authority (PoA) for efficiency; PoA is a modified version of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This gives VertoChain (VERT) quicker validations than many blockchains and less congestion of its network.  Transaction fees are significantly cheaper and authentication times are faster.


BSC’s smart contract capabilities make it compatible and interoperable with different Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-capable blockchains, like Solana (SOL) or Avalanche (AVAX). Prospective users can then easily move digital assets across blockchains improving interoperability between blockchains and strengthening VertoChain (VERT).

Diverse elements contribute to the security of a protocol which ranges from the host blockchain, the code integrity and the developer support. VertoChain’s (VERT) integration with the BSC assures these elements are taken care of. Also, large developer support is present because decentralized applications (dApps) are based on the solidity programming language, that Ethereum (ETH) also uses.

Governance in VertoChain

VertoChain’s activities are to be piloted by a team that involves community members. The treasury committee, team and representatives of the community run the ecosystem. Multiple requirements are established to determine who exactly becomes part of the user’s representatives.

These individuals will be the first holders and users of VertoChain tokens (VERT). Other factors can influence this, like on-chain or off-chain activities, or the users’ wallets. As VertoChain (VERT) grows, important decisions may be performed by the council or committee democratically.

Votes get counted per voter’s activity level, asset diversity, date of adoption and their portfolio’s value. Activities that can be voted on include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Swapping costs
  • Swap mechanisms of tokens
  • Incentivization plans
  • Yield Farming
  • Asset introduction
  • Transaction fees


VertoChain tokens (VERT) are now on presale at amazing prices, however presale holders of tokens might be vested for two months to secure the development of the network. Presale bonuses are also up for grabs in the form of native VertoChain tokens (VERT). A first-stage presale purchase gifts you a 7% bonus and a stage two purchase gives you another 5% bonus.

Are VertoChain tokens (VERT) a good fit for your crypto portfolio? Find out how it gets market analysts excited here, and click this link to learn more about its lower transaction fees.

Ethereum (ETH)- a resource without limits!

Ethereum (ETH) is home to the native Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency, and in market cap size, it’s the second largest. Ethereum (ETH) is similar to Bitcoin (BTC) in how payments can be sent, in a decentralized fashion, between people without an intermediary entity like a bank.

A dApps Haven

Smart contracts can come with decentralized applications and Ethereum (ETH) is a hub of dApps. These dApps can range from the finance to the health or gaming sector and are limitless in scope.

They’re similar to web applications but a dApp works differently by using HTTP protocols to communicate with the network. Blockchains can be connected in a decentralized manner using dApps which removes the need to route via centralized servers.

Ethereum (ETH) has at least 4,000 monthly active developers working on its system. Bitcoin (BTC) may eventually lose its second spot per market cap to Ethereum (ETH) if the latter continues to achieve its roadmaps goals.

Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) executes a development interface that decreases programming time whilst launching projects faster. Ethereum (ETH) can monetize dApp projects which reward people and pull in more developers to its platform.


The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is software that lets developers create dApps irrespective of the underlying coding language. Ethereum (ETH) also employs Solidity, a native coding language, to code its smart contracts. The EVM means developers don’t have to learn Solidity to create dApps, they can use their coding language like C++ instead.

The Merge

A major upgrade to Ethereum (ETH) is set to happen on the 16th of September 2022, this upgrade seeks to change Ethereum (ETH) to proof-of-stake (PoS), from proof-of-work (PoW). In addition to being a monumental task, the upgrade may remove the $4 billion value-wielding miners of the PoW who may decide to use this equipment on Ethereum Classic (ETC); or another fork of the Ethereum (ETH) chain.

However, the network will become more energy efficient as the act of mining greatly uses energy and isn’t as efficient as the PoS. The Ether (ETH) has already recovered the $1,600 price level and might just reach $2,000 before The Merge, only time will tell.

Bitcoin (BTC)- the beginning of crypto and its standard

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency right now, it can be sent as a transaction or traded for goods with vendors that take Bitcoin (BTC) payments. Just like Ethereum (ETH), it allows you to sell and purchase goods and services without an intermediary.


Bitcoin (BTC) was first launched in 2009 by a person/group called Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea with Bitcoin (BTC) was straightforward – become an alternative form of currency to the traditional fiat that dominates the market. Its goal was to do this in a decentralized and transparent manner which is rarely the case with banking institutions. Bitcoin (BTC) has birthed multiple alternative coins (altcoins) and Ethereum (ETH) is the most widespread of them.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently fallen below the $20,000 mark, but unfortunately, Bitcoin (BTC) has limited functionality. It employs a great amount of energy through the PoW which isn’t changing any time soon, unlike Ethereum (ETH). All these things have left people wondering if Ethereum (ETH) will eventually replace Bitcoin’s (BTC) number one market capitalization spot.

That aside, Bitcoin (BTC) remains a brand name and has major recognition. It still has potential and its value depends on supply and demand rather than political interference. Also, it’s still a quicker method to perform financial transactions than the traditional fiat method.

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