Rohtak's Crypto Mining Farm: An Inside View

New Edge Soft Sol Pvt Ltd at Rohtak is a visual treat for every crypto enthusiast. 300 Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) manned …


  1. i like information.. good work…but its not safe…side effect of crypto will appear after few years…today can earn money from crypto..bitcoin..blah blah …but tomorrow they knows how to get back there money.. what is the purpose of cypto mining ?

  2. Using electricity and that too generated from coal to do all this 🤦🏻‍♂️ Humans we have hell important tasks at hands where this much amt of electricity can be used! But no we will deal with cryptos becoz it is fascinating even toh its useless and has no actual worth! Proud of the world that almost every country one after the other are banning crypto currencies! Block chain is good, crypto currencies are not! Plus from underworld to terrorism to Hackers etc, there is extremes misuse of crypto currencies! If a % of people want to decentralise currency of a country itself from Central banks then one day they may demand that every citizen should be given his own note printing machine !

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