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© Reuters Uniglo (GLO), Ethereum (ETH) And Fantom (FTM) Expected For A Parabolic Price Surge This Autumn

This autumn could be an interesting time for crypto. With global market conditions worsening, the crypto downturn might last a little while longer. It’s important to point out here that crypto’s recent struggles aren’t in a bubble. They aren’t because of issues with crypto, that still has a huge long-term future. But with people having less money to invest, and global stock prices down, the whole economy is in bad shape. But even despite this overall negativity, there’s still a strong future for some individual tokens. Some have even managed to thrive in the current downturn, and become bear market successes. Others have shored up prices and importantly not dipped as low as people had predicted. This shows strength for the future of crypto, and arguably long-term bullishness. So if you stop worrying about how much your portfolio has lost this week and start investing in the right tokens, strap yourself in for the long term and manage to be patient—you could be looking at big gains further into the future.

And there are some tokens that have the potential to give you returns throughout Autumn and beyond. Experts really like the look of Uniglo, and Fantom right now. Let’s have a look at why…

Uniglo (GLO)
Uniglo is gearing up for an incredibly strong autumn, and is still available at a discount during pre-sale. This means that when it exits pre-sale and hits mainstream exchanges, even more people will become aware of its incredible deflationary offerings and compelling use cases that include a full asset-backed store of value. So if you invest before that, you could see even bigger gains, meaning now could be the time to pick it up in pre-sale.

Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum has had an incredibly interesting couple of months. It’s arguably set up for huge returns this autumn. That’s because prices rose dramatically off the back of news of the merge into ETH 2.0. ETH 2.0 has been eagerly anticipated for some time, as it solves key issues that have been holding ETH back, notably slow speeds and high gas fees. With these sorted by the merge, the sky could be the limit. And when you consider that prices rose off the back of news of the merge, when the merge actually takes place, ETH could go even higher. As the established backbone of the crypto development world, these fixes could help it become even more mainstream.

Fantom (FTM)
Fantom has already helped introduce a range of earning benefits to holders alongside an incredibly productive ecosystem for app development. That’s why the speed FTM offers is becoming the go to place for blockchain developers, and it’s already home to a ton of interesting projects. The future for FTM over the next few months could be even stronger.

FTM, GLO and ETH all have potential to help your portfolio in a massive way over the next few months. They could have great autumns, and so could your investments if you pick them.

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