Billions in Bitcoin DISAPPEARED ( DOOMED?)

Billions in bitcoin just…disappeared. And what’s happening to In today’s show, we discuss the cryptocurrency …


  1. The market cycle actually has not met it balance, we continue onward round and round while hanging tight for that tremendous victory which could be achieved by being consistent rather than seeking the right time.

  2. If i transfer my crypto from Binance to my wallet on the BSC network, will that crypto be safe in my wallet? I have BETH (Binance Ethereum) and I want to transfer it out of Binance to my wallet. Can Binance still take it if they want if it's on BSC but in my wallet?

  3. This is crazy…
    The story is ftx, sbf, money disappearing and connection to the dems.
    But there's a push to do these nothing-burger videos, just fudding up the place

  4. so FTX get hack lol no sbf allow this to move money then pretend it's hacker it's not hacker i'm not stupid i will do the same if my companie crash like that in less than 24h and by chance ftx get hack at the right moment com on man 😀

  5. Aligning with the denier of child murders is not a good look. Alex Jones has no character and neither does anyone who aligns with him. I don’t cancel unless kids are involved. Bitty, ur done.

  6. Miners,and investors in BTC will die together being crashed by the enormous cost of electricity (25 Millions per day), high rigs maintenance, and related debt accumulation……leading to a slow painful death…in 3 years…..?……

  7. These idiots??????? Bro! So your saying "you should have listened to us!" and " Your stupid for listening to them." Solid message. That's literally what every other Tuber was saying before the crash. So people are "idiots" because they didn't listen to YOU instead? There's so many of u clowns pushing garbage then "apologizing" when shit sucks but quick as all hell to suck up the credit when you get one right. YOU ALL PUSH THE SAME MESSAGE HERE. Don't call people idiots just cus your team got a touchdown.

  8. Wasn't FTT and SOL in Ben's hypothetical portfolio vids just weeks ago? Why is he now claiming that he's seen this coming for months when he was suggesting those coins in his $10k and $25k portfolio vids just weeks ago lol

  9. Ben Amstrong..I like you so much. They ate printing money ….trillions of dollars….can they print Fantom …or Cardano or matic or bitcoin? Gold or silver? NOOOO THEY CANT…..have patient! I buy more ….keep on the good stuff. 👍…..can the fed print oil?????? Buy stuff what they can not print ….they printing fake money .

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