Bitcoin and Crypto Mining BAN – WTF?!

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining BAN – WTF?! Governments are scared, banks are scared, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are putting the …


  1. Crypto's been banned by 15 countries already, including factors like China , Turkey, Russia, Iran… It must be banned, It's a waste of energy and leaves huge carbon print. Helping nobody except criminals and speculators.

  2. They are trying to ban POW mining. This is essentially just running a program on a computer. Every American should vote out these politicans who support a POW ban. It is not enforceable.

  3. U look worried vosk. I'm in the USA and planned on buying a 🐜 L7 this worries me too🤔 iv been screeming totalarism from the mountain peak but noone pays attention or cares:(

  4. Unsubscribed – This video has ZERO value. The word “dude” used 39 times with child like facials. Then my eyeballs started bleeding.

    So because someone eats hamburgers that does not make them a butcher also. A metaphor here.

    So many other great analysts exist as search of YouTube.

  5. Another thing to consider is how much energy banks themselves use. How much power do you think it takes to keep their computers, heat, lights, ect on? Plus you generally need some mode of transportation to get to one.

  6. LOL Mining is Environmentally bad??? LOL what about transporting cash between banks using trucks and planes? How much freaking Carbon monoxide that actually kills the Ozone layer released just by transportation itself? LOL have these so called banks answer those questions before they call a currency that uses just electricity which is basically leading towards more of clean energy like wind or solar. RIGHT? xD!!! shitty bastards! Liek you say Vosk They just want to manipulate and keep us under their feet! LOL HILARIOUS C**TS xD!!! Plus the energy we use we pay for it… Banks make us pay for the expenses they use to protect and transport that cash. 😀

  7. many of my friends who sold their mining machines and mined through an online miner called TechHostFarm.Miners are now millionaires and we don't even care if the Govt ban mining united states , our mining machines host comes from United kingdom.

  8. Just on the environmental so called problem alone, how do we charge an electric vehicle which is deemed cleaner and safe for the environment even though we don’t include the carbon foot print of how they are made or charged but that’s another argument….

  9. *I will forever be indebted to you, you've changed my whole life i'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt ,

    with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Teresa Lawrence?*


  10. Listen for a moment; what's happening in the world is far beyond the banksters, crypto, climate change, ect. You are part of Biblical prophecy. Nothing will prevent what's to come. Bitcoin will not help you in the times ahead, it will help no one. You can not wipe your butt with it, sleep under it, nor can you eat it. The controllers are going to crash the system. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you take the mark of the beast. Period. So if you want to continue living a life free of troubles, the only way will be to sell your soul which will end in the lake of fire. Whether or not you believe is up to each individual, it does not change reality. Reality is the only way to eternal life and peace is through the man, Jesus Christ. He paid all debts, He conquered death which people seem so afraid of. Those and ONLY those who abide in Him will be saved. Your life will not get easier if you take part in His salvation, it will get harder. The world will try everything to keep you part of the beast system (bitcoin is part of that system just fyi), there is no way out of it accept through Him. Is it not time to wake up from your slumber? Do you not see the signs? Did He not tell us so we would know? Famine is coming, death is coming, captivity is coming, hell on earth is coming, please make no mistake thinking now is not the end; it is. From here on out is gets substantially harder. Jesus is the only way, choose wisely.

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