Hugh Chatham announces collaboration with Oracle Cerner

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital is committed to advancing patient care for the region through technology and innovation through a new contract with Oracle Cerner. By adding Oracle Cerner technology, Hugh Chatham will continue to provide safe, high-quality healthcare in the area. Oracle Cerner supports health systems like Hugh Chatham through CommunityWorksSM , a cloud-based deployment of the electronic health record (EHR). The technology provides a patient’s health history using the national interoperability framework, as well as streamlined clinical, financial and operational workflows in an integrated health record. This can help Hugh Chatham remain independent and improve patient safety, efficiency, and increase revenues for their health system.

Kent Thompson, Chief Financial Officer at Hugh Chatham said, “Pursuing an integrated, single architecture, and high-functioning health record system is essential in accelerating our journey toward becoming the nation’s best community healthcare system. We are pleased to report that Hugh Chatham has now entered into an agreement with Cerner to make this a reality.”

“An implementation timeline is being formulated and our pre-implementation work has already begun. Feedback from our providers and key personnel has been integral throughout the assessment and selection process. We are grateful for the focus and expertise from Oracle Cerner and our team. Oracle Cerner’s focus on data analytics and peer benchmarking makes them an integral part of the team as opposed to a vendor,” said Dr. Jonathan Snyder, Chief Medical Officer at Hugh Chatham.

“Oracle Cerner is excited to team with community hospitals like Chatham Memorial Hospital to help make it easier to provide their communities with an integrated healthcare experience,” said Bob Kopanic, senior vice president and North America Market Leader at Oracle Cerner. “Implementing this new technology supports the health systems in their strategic plans to grow and be more efficient, but most importantly to help execute their mission to consistently deliver exceptional care to their patients through better service, teamwork, and accountability.”