In today’s video we discuss Why and When I Sold My Crypto Currency. A few weeks before the Ethereum Merge I made the …


  1. Cant be profitable for 2 or 3 years , because after destruction of nord 2 pipeline electricity cost will not comedown for years,Forget mining for 3 or 4 years. sell gpu and get whatever u can get while there is still some sell values of gpu

  2. i sell randomly. depending on what miners are available and what other hobbies require funds. Mainly for other miners thot. I would rather have more hardware for future pumps at a low entry cost then having to buy in again when everything is 10x as expensive.

  3. Why would you sell your bags now? Instead of adding you actually managed to screw up big time. Even worse, you can no longer mine eth the only way to get it now is to mine random shitcoin and convert it to eth or buy more eth. This is going to be expensive mistake …

  4. I am new to cryptocurrency trading what is the best way to start trading as I have been doing my personal research for some time now, I don't know how to trade cryptocurrencies with my Binance account?

  5. Remember if you sell your paying tax. Wait 12 months then sell. You’ll pay half the cost in tax, you win later on. Looks like the typical scared tactic everyone does is sell because your scared😂😂😂😂 do people not learn at all

  6. Sold all of my erh at the post merge high. Kept my 60 erg and continuing to nine full speed ahead. I think ergo will reach at least 4k next bull run. If not, I can afford the the losses right now.

  7. People who doing this as a Hobby, for education and fun, keep doing it.
    Mine and spend the money on electricity and get the coins you can.
    Maybe in 2 years the price will justify the costs now.
    Totally a good mindset and use of EXTRA cash.

    Those that were counting on it as income, they need to stop.
    They are losing money each day the rigs are running.
    They are also losing value in the cards they have.
    Its time to reset, get a job, hunker down and plan for the comeback if there is one.

    Save the cards if they want, since that mean less capital expense to restart in 2-3 year.
    But the performance wont match new cards, or maybe it will.

    Mining is dead for now. But smart investors/entrepreneur know that timing is everything.
    and walking away from bad deals and being able to jump on good ones is key.

  8. Thanks for the video. Appreciate it. I only started mining this year so really new to the scene. I went the opposite and bought a small amount of ETH just before the merge and was also GPU mining ETC up to and after the merge. I have stopped mining ETC and will use this time to clean GPUs and look at making my small system more efficient.

  9. A well reasoned strategy, perhaps your content will continue to grow and the ad revenue will make up for any losses in power. I think I remember you mentioned youtube adsense covered all power costs, so if that is still the case maybe your effective power rate is 0 and worth mining. The hardest thing right now from my perspective is not the negative profits but also coupled with very low coin yields.

  10. GPU mining will be back, will take some time, but ergo will go to a few thousand in the next few years, Id also say big mistake selling your ergo, reasons why are you sold it undervalued, its hard to mine now and people will look to hold and stack ergo now, when the price moves your going to be left behind, ergo will head to $56 within the next 2 years and your not going to be able to yield or mine nearly as much as you were previous to selling. – simply put do not sell your ergo at these prices, ergo is not some infinite resource like eth, it has a maximum supply and storage rent. I think your reasons for selling are justified for you so you can do your youtube. but your going to regret this decision, when ergo moves past the price you sold. Personally i am lot more tapped into what is possible with an ergo stack, once you get enough erg you can borrow against the stack and don't need traditionally financial services, the money you borrow you can setup business go into real-estate and the door opens up for what's possible, you will always be able to get a loan against your ergo with sigma usd through the new loan services opening up and the leading interest rates are going to be low. Soon as the fed pivots or gold has a rally ergo will be pulled up with bitcoin. i feel sad you sold your erg

  11. Flux has more transactions per block than something like raven, ergo or ETC. Which some blocks mined had zero transactions on it. So more people use that chain. I agree, Future looks brighter for flux.

  12. Sold all mid-May. Will repurchase BTC soon (at 12k-18k). Will split 6-8 gpus on FLUX, RVN, ERG & Neoxa until things change. Brandon Coin laments he sold last winter. Gotta learn from OG.

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