Crypto Mining LIVE Q&A Got A Question?

ETHEREUM GPU MINING CPU MINING ASIC MINING In todays live stream lets just talk about whatever you guys are curious …


  1. So I found your monero address and I ran it all night.for you so your welcome and God bless can you help me get these hackers off my ass so I can keep the money before the steel it plz….

  2. You are so confident about crypto crashing and understanding bear markets/market cycles. Top minds in the world that have college educations and life experiences in economics dont sound as confident as you in their assumptions and opinions. As a matter of fact most experts believe this bear market/recessions will be short lived. Maybe dial it back you sound like a fortune teller. I do like your content around mining but you shouldn't say with certainty how the markets are going to react and that everyone should wait 2 years.

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