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Cryptocurrency in India Latest News: जब से Crypto मार्केट में FTX Scam सामने आया है, तभी ये …


  1. Supperrrbbb se Upar wala Discussion.. Mr. Kasihf is really very very talented and a real master in this upgrowimg industry. I fully agree with u Sir. This Crypto industry is not born that it will die. It's a real-time requirement of the econmic growht. We respect Chetan Bhagat Ji also a lot. But the article is having many flaws without real analysis or facts about the technology. I think Chetan Sir has lost too much his invested amount, in this fall out by crypto suddenly and got this reaction in anxaity. It's my own thought. I also advice all to take careful steps with proper knowledge & risk management abilities in every sector of investment….not only Crypto.

  2. I think it is correct because now a days born many many crypto where to people can invest which coin will be pump.
    You think now a days morethan 18000 crypto in market

  3. System collapse worldwide because cryptocurrency mined by internet stock's
    Even space agencies nasa isro use internet network heavy load on internet technology System collapse worldwide economy crash Like stocks commodities properties.

    Blockchain technology can rise economy

    Blockchain technology development in progress.

    Dapps and web3 comes

  4. Dead?
    By no means
    u.s. is 13 years slow to regulate.
    After that it will become the 12th sector.
    The e.u. will regulate in next few months.

  5. Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual's mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that's not depending on the government to generate funds.

  6. Wah.. Paytm top pe hai na.. Marketcap me Indian share market me.. Ipo aa sal bhar nhi hua or v jo jo companiyon k nam liya uska comparison crypto k top or sb se purne coin se.. Girne me wah 👏👏

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