Cryptocurrency and stock analysis through simple performance metrics, volatility, correlations etc.

In this video, I show you how to use python modules like yfinance to read cryptocurrencies like bitcoin BTC, ethereum ETH, …


  1. Can you show us how to feed the prediction data into the model so we actually predict ahead? I mean not just one day. How can we predict the next month? Thanks 🙏

  2. Please, how to make it to predict more than one value at a time and instead make it to predict 30 or 60 values at once after it analyses past X values sequence? Thank you!

  3. hey im getting the error 'float' object is not subscriptable on line 22 of my code. Here is the code: scaled_data = scaler.fit_transform(data['Close'].values.reshape(-1,1)) I have tried but idk how to fix. Please somebody help.

  4. Thanks. Very interesting lessons, but I think you should follow and add more explanatory comments. This will allow you to analyze the code better over time.

  5. No ,there is no way ,u cannot get the next predicted price unless actual price is already given .So the prediction is a False Proposition to some extent.

  6. So that you understand what is happening instead of copying it. This video is for you to learn programming not for you to download a trading bot

  7. I am guessing the way to do it is to log the same data on realtime but with prediction for example open, high, low, close, close_pred, and just retrain the model by loading the model using tensorflow and feeding it the features of realtime with making a backup of previous model for falling back in case of overfitting

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