Top 5 Ethereum Casino Sites: Online ETH Gambling

While most crypto casinos accept Ethereum as a payment method, there are some that do a better job of providing entertainment to players than others. Here, we take a look at the 5 best crypto casinos where players can gamble using Ethereum.

  1. mBit Casino (Best Overall)
  2. Stake Casino (Best Bonuses)
  3. BitStarz (Best Support)
  4. TrueFlip (Best UX)
  5. Betchain (Best For Provably Fair)

Learn more about the best ETH casino sites below.

1. mBit Casino

» Sign Up To mBit Casino Here «

mBit is one of the largest crypto casinos currently operational. As such, it offers a host of benefits such as a large number of payment methods, lots of different genres of games, and a huge library of live games.

Ethereum is one of the numerous cryptocurrencies that mBit accepts. In total, there are six different coins accepted by mBit Casino, and the option of depositing fiat currency is also available.

In total, mBit has over 24 game providers and has a catalog of over 2000 games available to players. Withdrawal times on the website are usually less than 10 minutes, and withdrawals can be made in any of the currencies offered on the platform.

The only thing to remember is that there are many countries where mBit is not allowed to operate due to regulatory reasons. These countries include the US, the UK, and the Netherlands (among a few others).

2. Stake Casino

» Sign Up To Stake Here « is the ideal alternative to the mBit Casino for users that cannot access the casino due to geographical restrictions (or users do not want to access mBit for any other reason).

The platform has an arsenal of games that is almost as large as that of mBit. However, it has a feature that is not present on many crypto casinos: Sports betting. While mBit supports sports betting, it offers it through an offshoot of the site known as mBit Sportsbook. On, placing wagers on sports matches is as easy as playing a round of roulette.

Another advantage of using is in the bonuses that it offers. While all crypto casinos offer extraordinary bonuses, takes things up a notch by offering weekly giveaways of $50k and prizes as large as $1 million on certain promotions.

3. BitStarz

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BitStarz is another great choice for gambling enthusiasts that want to use Ethereum to gamble. With an average cashout time of less than six minutes, BitStarz is a great platform for the impatient.

The platform has a large selection of games, with live games being one of the biggest attractions of the website. BitStarz is especially known for its video poker, with a large number of players joining the casino just to play it.

The main reason BitStarz does not come in the top two of this list is the lack of sports betting. However, it makes up for it by offering numerous competitions and tournaments with large prizes for competitive players. The bonuses are also great, with the casino offering one of the best sign up bonuses of all the Ethereum casinos.

4. TrueFlip

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TrueFlip is one of the most popular crypto casinos that supports Ethereum. While the casino has over 1500 games in total, it is another platform that focuses on live games more than anything else.

There are numerous live variations of all the games available in a traditional casino. Everything from blackjack and poker to roulette has numerous live variants available.

The main reason why TrueFlip is not higher up on the list is once again the lack of sports betting and the fact that the promotions are not as lucrative as they are on other Ethereum casinos.

5. Betchain

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The last Ethereum casino on this list of top 5 Ethereum casinos is Betchain. Although Betchain has been around since 2013 (which is very early for a crypto casino), it is one of the least known casinos on the list.

With Ethereum and five other cryptocurrencies available as a payment method (along with fiat currencies), Betchain offers top-quality service with over 4000 games on offer. However, the quality of the live games is slightly worse on Betchain than it is on other casinos.

On top of that, sports betting is once again absent on the platform. Still, Betchain has a lot of worthwhile promotions, and one of the largest jackpots of any Ethereum casino, making it a great choice for players that do not want to use the first 4 picks.

How to Choose an Ethereum Casino

All 5 of the options listed above are great, and players may have a hard time picking between them. The following checklist should help players pick the right casino for their needs.


It is important to remember that the legality of Ethereum casinos falls under a gray area. However, players should know that there are many loopholes that can be exploited when it comes to online gambling. As such, players should not expect any legal troubles at any of the aforementioned casinos.

That said, players should still adopt a cautionary attitude when it comes to gambling with Ethereum. Gambling laws differ from country to country. For certain countries, the laws may vary depending on the state (e.g. the US).

As such, the first thing that players should do when picking an Ethereum casino is make sure that the casino will not get them into any legal troubles.

Games on Offer

It is extremely easy to check if the games that players want to play are on offer at a casino. All casinos have the ability to sort games according to their type. Casinos allow players to search for a game of their choosing.

Players should also determine whether they would like to engage in sports betting before they pick an Ethereum casino, as only a select number of casinos offer this option.

Bonuses and Promotions

The good news is that almost all crypto casinos offer amazing bonuses and promotions to their users.

However, certain casinos truly go the extra mile. For example, it is not uncommon for crypto casinos to offer sign up bonuses above 5 BTC. And these bonuses can be redeemed in any currency of equivalent value (so users can deposit Ethereum and receive bonuses in Ethereum).

Players should check the bonuses and promotions on offer at each casino before they begin using them to make sure they can maximize their rewards.