Top 8 Cryptocurrency Projects For the Future to Buy in 2023

There are more new crypto projects appearing than ever and blockchain technology is now being used for a plethora of games, payment systems, and much more.

To stay ahead of the game, investors are looking for projects that represent the future of cryptocurrency. Bearing this in mind, we’ve carefully selected the best cryptocurrency to invest in for the future, and have included our full analysis in this guide.

8 Best Crypto to Invest in For Future Returns

Below is an overview of the eight best crypto to invest in for future returns:

  1. FightOutOverall Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in For The Future – More than $2.2 Million Raised
  2. Dash 2 TradeCrypto Signals, Bots, and Analytics Platform That’s Raised Over $10.4 Million
  3. C+Charge Project in Presale Aiming to be the Future of EV Charging Payment Systems
  4. RobotEra – Own Robot NFTs, Buy Land, and Build on Planet Taro
  5. Calvaria – Strategic P2E Card Game on the Blockchain With NFT Marketplace
  6. IMPT –  $12 Million+ Raised During Carbon Trading Crypto Presale
  7. Lucky Block – Fast-Growing Crypto Sports Betting/Casino Site
  8. Tamadoge – Popular Meme Token and P2E Platform With NFT Pets

Next, each of the above future cryptocurrency projects will be the subject of a thorough assessment, so read on to find out more.

1. FightOut – Overall Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in For The Future – More than $2.2 Million raised

FightOut is the overall best crypto to invest in for future returns. This innovative crypto project is combining elements of the metaverse and play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games with fitness, endurance, and tournaments.

For anyone unaware, move-to-earn (M2E) is a rapidly growing trend that sees crypto investors and metaverse gamers rewarded in digital tokens for being active and completing physical tasks.

FightOut has the potential to be the best long term crypto investment as M2E platforms become more widely known. We dug deep to find out what this project is all about and will now explain why we believe FightOut is the future of cryptocurrency trends.

As with most metaverse worlds, FightOut players have their own avatars. In this case, the digital character is a ‘soulbound NFT’. In simple terms, this refers to an NFT that is non-transferable and thus cannot be sold.

The token is tailored to the personal identity of the player within the web3 ecosystem. Each user’s training, development, and achievements are immediately reflected in their avatar. According to the FightOut whitepaper, this is created using the data gathered from workouts and accomplishments.

The NFT avatar’s strength statistics, and any related abilities, will grow as the player does, serving as a virtual representation of their actual skill. The user will also be able to customize their appearance for a more personalized image by adding cosmetics to their digital avatars.

This can include clothing, haircuts, accessories, tattoos, and more. Users have the ability to interact with or compete against friends if they want to. They can also communicate with other FightOut community members in the metaverse.

Each user’s fighting prowess, training methods, effort, and success all have an impact on their capacity to prevail in battles and earn arduous prizes. Brands or the community can organize unique tournaments. They will be able to choose their own admission costs and rewards.

The best crypto for the future to buy is $FGHT, which powers the FightOut ecosystem. The platform also has another native currency called REPS – which is used for the purpose of rewarding players.

Players that have earned REPS or bought them using $FGHT, can use them to buy training clothes, as well as vitamins and supplements. REPS might also be used as a means of paying for sessions with a personal trainer. This is in addition to FightOut gym memberships, and also to claim a discount on subscriptions via the app.

Over $2.2 million has been raised in FightOut’s presale campaign so far, which is only in stage one. At this time, investors can pay $1 per 60.06 $FIGHT tokens. However, when the next phase of the campaign begins, the price will go up. This will continue until the presale has concluded.

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2. Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Signals, Bots, and Analytics Platform That’s Raised Over $10.4 Million

Dash 2 Trade is in the latter stage of a presale campaign and fully deserves its spot in this list of the best future crypto to buy. The project aids investors in increasing their chances of making a profit when buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which are notoriously volatile.

The token that powers the platform, and is used to pay for Dash 2 Trade subscription plans, is called D2T. Many argue that this is the future of cryptocurrency. Paying for Dash 2 Trade’s crypto trading signals and tools with digital currencies has obvious advantages.

Firstly, transactions are speedier so investors can benefit from their subscriptions right away. Secondly, there are no payment processing fees payable to banks.

The Dash 2 Trade analytics platform is similar to Bloomberg in some ways. That is to say, the team behind Dash 2 Trade has created an advanced suite of tools and will also offer news feeds, new coin listing information, real-time event streams, and more.

As such, the Dash 2 Trade team has the tools, experience, and expertise needed to be the best data analytics provider in the crypto space. Investors can also use the Dash 2 Trade dashboard for insight into social analytical data.

This might include information on what crypto projects are trending right now and which ones might blow up. This saves investors from scanning a range of social media platforms, and online trading communities like Reddit, looking for the latest trends.

Dash 2 Trade does most of the work for subscribers to offer on-chain metrics, social sentiment, and signals. As well as the team’s in-depth knowledge of the market, this is achieved with sophisticated Quant developers and a range of advanced technical indicators.

Additionally, the platform offers information on genuine presales that might be worth investing in. Investors who have a strategy in mind can test it out using the Dash 2 Trade backtesting platform. This facility mirrors real-time market conditions.

The team behind this analytics platform already has a loyal community of more than 70,000 crypto traders on its side. Investors who missed out on the first stages of the presale can still grab D2T tokens at a discounted price before they go live on crypto exchanges.

Those interested in Dash 2 Trade’s plans can subscribe for a monthly price of 400 D2T. To get all of the benefits of the Premium offering, subscribe to the monthly rolling plan of 1,000 D2T, or save 20% by paying annually.

Check out the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper. For more information, investors can also join the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel.

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3. C+Charge – Project in Presale Aiming to be the Future of EV Charging Payment Systems

C+Charge is all set to revolutionize the current EV charging payment system with blockchain technology. As such, this is one of the future cryptocurrency projects that investors should be keeping an eye on.

Investors who believe in the project can purchase the token that backs the ecosystem (CCHG) at a low price point. This is because the project is only in stage one of its presale. This allows investors to buy CCHG at just $0.013 per token.

Presales like this have great upside potential. By stage two, investors will pay $0.0165 and this will continue to increase as the campaign progresses. When this best cryptocurrency to invest in for the future is listed on an exchange, there’s a high possibility of it rising in price.

This is because awareness of the project increases and traders want a piece of the action. As such, by investing early, it’s highly plausible that there will be gains to be made for those that correctly time the market.

Now, a little more about the project itself. By being the first platform to award EV drivers with carbon credits, C+Charge aims to democratize the market. To explain, EV producers, drivers, and owners do not yet receive carbon credits.

However, charging station owners do. To address these practical problems, C+Charge has developed a blockchain-based solution using its own peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system. The aforementioned CCHG cryptocurrency is a dynamic utility coin with practical applications.

Every time a token is used to pay for a fee, it will be removed from circulation. This feature will allow for a steady supply and demand in the network. The amount of tokens removed from the system will rise as the number of charging stations increases, supplying organic support.

All C+Charge utility token holders will have the chance to generate carbon credits. The C+Charge team is creating a network and cell phone application for CCHG token holders. The developers hope it will serve as an example of one of the many use cases of web3 technology.

This innovative project is gathering a strong foundation of strategic partners in the carbon credit, cryptocurrency, and EV industries. For instance, BlockChain Brothers, a crypto marketing firm, and C+Charge are collaborating.

Additionally, C+Charge and Flowcarbon, a top supplier of carbon reduction solutions, have formed a partnership. In order to encourage investment in carbon dioxide abatement initiatives, Flowcarbon is leading the creation of a system that tokenizes carbon credits.

Investors will find more information on the project by looking at the C+Charge whitepaper.

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4. RobotEra – Own Robot NFTs, buy Land, and Build on Planet Taro

RobotEra is already proving to be very popular among P2E crypto gamers. One of the reasons its token, TARO, is the best crypto to invest in for future returns is that, even when the market is falling, players can still earn rewards.

Crypto rewards are given during gameplay. As we touched on, this project offers a P2E game. The aim of the game is that players must employ robot NFT avatars, to rebuild the planet Taro following a catastrophe. Players will perform tasks like extracting minerals and looking after holy trees.

Players can also utilize in-game tools and materials found on foreign planets in order to construct robot companions. Some players might opt to recreate the planet by purchasing metaverse parcels of land using TARO tokens.

Anyone that has ever explored the Sandbox will like this game. All land parcels are NFTs. Both robots and any structures that have been built on the land parcels are completely upgradeable and configurable.

As they are NFTs, they may be subsequently sold or traded in the RobotEra marketplace. Players will be able to host events, take part in performances, and connect to other NFT worlds. Interestingly, players can also submit their own unique NFT works to be shown in museums within the RobotEra metaverse.

Those who think this is the best future cryptocurrency to invest in can still purchase TARO at a presale discounted price of $0.020 per token. When the campaign moves to the second phase, early investors can still buy tokens at a discount, but they will have increased by 25% to $0.025.

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5. Calvaria – Strategic P2E Card Game on the Blockchain With NFT Marketplace

Some NFT fans argue that the best cryptocurrency for the future is $RIA, the currency that powers the Calvaria ecosystem. Calvaria offers one of the best P2E battle card games we’ve come across.

The game is called Duels of Eternity and involves building a powerful deck of NFT cards to compete against others.

Players will be given crypto rewards for getting to the top of the leaderboard in card battles. As such, it’s in the player’s best interest to put together a pack of cards with varying strengths and abilities to win tournaments and challenges.

$RIA is a governance token that is also used for staking and to pay for NFT cards to use in the Duels of Eternity game. Calvaria rewards players with eRIA, which can also be used to buy cards.

As of writing, investors can buy $RIA tokens at a discount. Although they’re not as cheap as they were in the earlier stage of the campaign, $RIA tokens are still on presale. The price is $1 for every 30.77 $RIA. The project is 82% into stage five as of writing.

The platform is offering just three investors the chance to win a portion of the $RIA giveaway worth $100,000. The investor that places first will win $70,000 worth of tokens. Those that place second or third can claim $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Notably, the winner must own at least the equivalent of $100 worth of $RIA tokens on the day of the draw in order to be eligible to receive the prize. Check out the official platform for further information, including the whitepaper.

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6. IMPT – $12 Million Plus Raised During Carbon Trading Crypto Presale

With the help of the extensive ecosystem called IMPT, investors can help create a sustainable future. Alongside C+Charge, IMPT could be the best cryptocurrency to invest in for future generations, in terms of fighting climate change.

Both offer tokenized carbon credits, although in different ways. IMPT has a huge ecosystem that includes a carbon credit marketplace to buy, sell and retire them.

The platform is open to individuals who want to buy carbon credits, as well as environmentally conscious online shoppers, and businesses who want to reduce their footprint. Crucially, this blockchain project mints all carbon credits into NFTs so there’s no chance of fraudulent activity.

The IMPT community can lessen its carbon impact while shopping with one of the 10,000 retailers that have partnered with the platform. Furthermore, every merchant is prepared to set aside a particular portion of their profit margin for environmental initiatives.

Users will receive IMPT tokens in the form of sales margin for each transaction they make and can convert them into carbon credits. There is also a cell phone application, which allows users to accumulate points and trade them for carbon credits.

Additionally, the platform enables investors to generate a yield. They could also burn their carbon credits to receive a collectible NFT. Any NFTs offered by IMPT can be sold on the open market.

Users will own the NFTs awarded by IMPT and they also have the option of holding carbon credits as more of a long-term investment. To verify their legitimacy, all projects that issue carbon credits through the IMPT platform have already undergone audits by other organizations.

The IMPT presale is over, and the campaign raised more than $12 million. However, investors can access IMPT tokens via the LBANK exchange.

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7. Lucky Block – Fast-Growing Crypto Sports Betting/Casino Site

Those looking for the best crypto of the future and who believe that casinos will enjoy continued popularity should consider Lucky Block. This casino also has a sportsbook, which offers odds on a huge range of live and upcoming tournaments and games.

We found globally recognized sports like soccer, rugby, basketball, American football, and tennis, to name just a handful. There’s also a range of lesser-known games as well as esports. It’s possible to place bets in a single click via the ‘Quick Bet’ widget.

The platform is backed by LBLOCK tokens, which are no longer in presale but proved during its campaign that it has widespread appeal. During the Lucky Block presale campaign, the project hit its hard cap target (approximately $5 million) ahead of time.

Moreover, within two weeks, LBLOCK hit a market capitalization of $1 billion. At this point, it was one of the fastest-growing crypto assets of all time. As most investors will know, cryptocurrencies have lost significant market capitalization recently.

That said, Lucky Block hasn’t lost its appeal. The Lucky Block casino is super user-friendly. Moreover, it has partnered with over 80 software providers to ensure that players have the best gaming experience possible.

As a result, players will find a rich library of everything from slots and table games, to live dealers, game shows, and dice titles. Players can fund the Lucky Block casino account with Bitcoin, or a range of altcoins.

They can also opt for fiat methods inclusive of credit cards and wire transfers. Crypto deposits are the fastest option. This casino offers some great promotions for LBLOCK holders so check out the platform for more information.

For instance, new players can claim a 15% return on any losses incurred in the first seven days following registration.

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8. Tamadoge – Popular Meme Token and P2E Platform With NFT Pets

The Tamaverse, an engaging metaverse, serves as the focal point of the Tamadoge P2E game. The in-game currency is called TAMA and it is one of the future cryptocurrency projects that P2E gamers are excited about.

The project Tamadoge appeals to a wide audience and offers gamers a means to have fun while earning cryptocurrency. This is thanks to its straightforward yet potentially lucrative gameplay. Players can raise, take to battle, and train tokenized pets in this universe.

All pets are NFTs so can be traded and sold in the secondary marketplace. Players will also be able to hunt for TAMA tokens via the Tamadoge app. The cell phone app will use augmented reality (AR) to incorporate the real-world surroundings of the player.

TAMA could be considered a meme crypto asset due to its fun nature. However, this cryptocurrency has actual uses. TAMA may be used to purchase products from the in-game store in a bid to enhance each pet’s strengths.

Players will be given Dogepoints when their pets level up, which raises their leaderboard position and percentage of the rewards pool. This guide also found that Tamadoge has some arcade-style games in the pipeline that will also be built on the blockchain.

Interested investors can buy TAMA tokens from the OKX exchange, as well as Bitget, MEXC, BitMart, and XT.COM. The Tamadoge team has also developed and released a collection of NFTs which can be traded in marketplaces such as OpenSea.

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That concludes our guide on the best future crypto coins. We’ve ranked the projects with the most potential to produce gains in the long run.

The overall best future cryptocurrency to invest in is $FGHT, which powers the FightOut M2E ecosystem. This exciting project is partnering with a range of high-caliber professional athletes and fitness influencers.

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Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay