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  1. Let's hope the bottom of the bear trend is really in. But it could still be a fakeout. Doesn't exactly look organic, but then neither did the initial pump that ended the 2018 bear market. Let's get this crypto!

  2. someone explain something for me.
    this past week i seen over 500million+ shorts isnt that the reason bitcoin went up alot ? force the shorts ?

  3. Keep in mind, we must go up to go down. Bear market swings fill gaps to the upside, while Bull markets fill from the downside. BTC always has a 50% retracement prior to hitting the bottom. Kirby’s analysis as always, spot on!

  4. BTC has so far only existed during times of quantitative easing. When money is readily available for risk assets. This is the first time the Crypto space is going through quatitative tightening. No one knows how this will play out. But I'd rather miss the bottom this cycle than to jump in too early in unknown territory.

  5. The DON strikes like a cobra in the grass!!!!Moonboyz beware, however, can’t remember a time when I’ve heard such bullish sentiment from The DON.

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