Apartment Mining Farm with 160 Graphic Cards For Ethereum | Harsh Gupta | Crypto Mining Farm India

in this video , I will walkthrough a small mining facility setup inside a an apartment , with hosting capacity of 160 graphic cards. in …


  1. BRO ye har rig mein kitne watt ka psu lagaya he,where i can get bitmain psu,how its different from antec or corsair….which psu is better ..plz suggest…thanks

  2. Completely 10 generation cards, are highly power inefficient 90w = 20mhs, user need to hold his breath to take the ROI of this farm along with the EB bills?

  3. Thanks you for the fantastic work ?you have been doing for me and my family lately…you’re hand work and dedication has really helped us out during a difficult time in our home. We just wanted good to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciate…

  4. I decided for myself that there is no sense to risk and invest large sums of money in mining, and moved to Utopia ecosystem, which does not require powerful equipment

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