Cryptocurrency Ban In Nigeria. What To Do | Trading Bitcoin In Nigeria

With The Central bank of Nigeria directing Commercial banks in Nigeria to close all local bank accounts used for Cryptocurrency …


  1. Wow so it’s “illegal” to purchase bitcoin in Nigeria ? I have a guy that is sending me USD on cash app for me to buy bitcoin on my cashapp here in the US and then I send it to him the coins to his cash app wallet. Is this a bad thing I am doing ?

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  3. Plz I want to buy more not sell.. how do I fund my wallet easily without say going to Ghana ?.. skrill or PayPal someone plz help. P2p no go work for people who want to invest more..

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  5. ….. wow! We really need information cryptocurrency in Nigeria right now, cuz Nigeria has really decided to frustrate the Youths BEYOND measure! ??‍♀️

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