Should you buy a mining rig in 2022? Cost, ROI, mining after Ethereum 2.0, GPUs vs. Jasminer & more!

In this video I try to answer the question “should you buy a mining rig in 2022?” I do this by comparing building a GPU mining rig …


  1. Hi, kind request please let me know if we can still mine on 1660 super Eth nbminer 42.2, as I have been facing an error as CUDA out of memory while I have reserved a v-memory to 32k as I have been mining on 1660s and 3060 lhr at the same time only M 1660s is crashing. Looking for some support thanks

  2. I think asic miners for bitcoin when properly sourced can be a good investment, other coins as well.. but with the ETH merge, ETH asics just make no sense until we know what comes after. Honestly this whole ETH POW to POS is turning out to be a huge mistake.

  3. Wao your jumping levels and getting partners now just check there site they offer FIL mining which I find cool since I don't have to set up but you need at least 400k TO JINGLE MINE!! and the cheapest JASMINER i saw was $1200 lets see if this research helps others now lets watch the video. WAO just saw your price 1:43 that's a risky investment but your have less maintenance from what I see. I hope read this I also see you won't have control of the mining software. Wao 6:22 never saw the ETCHC scenario like you described so my theory of gpu mining ETHC is gone.

  4. You and Hobbyist Miner are the two who've convinced me mining is the way to go, no matter what your preferred method is. GPU mining is such a fun adventure. Its amazing going from 1 card and alot of ambition to 10 cards and a ton of stress! I love the videos buddy please keep it up

  5. Modelling against all time high is good but they may not come again with the regulation etc thats likely coming in. Its probably better to give yourself a low, middle and high target to sell at.
    Whats the minimum price you need to sell at to achieve your ROI (this should include electricity).
    Whats the middle amount that would net you a comfortable profit
    Whats the top end you would hold for (if you think about ETC now its at like $22, if it shot to $100 now would you hit it at that point or be comfortable waiting for a higher price.)

  6. Make a video for cooling solution for A4000 mining rig.
    My rig is getting hot due to this summer
    I am using an AC along with small table fan at the moment but the electricity bill is high due to those can you suggest alternative cooling solution.

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