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  1. while watching this video, bitcoin breakout up the ascending triangle it was in since november … hope you all make tons of money and achieve your dreams

  2. My man Kurrrrbs. The one crypto trader that, regardless during bullish or bearish times, is always able to put a smile on my dumb face. Happy to hear from you once again. For a min I thought you rug pulled us all ???? now lesgediskripto

  3. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Where's :"crypto kirby here you're crypto currency expert back with another edition on a daily live stream. Now lets not waste any more time and get right back to it" ????????????

  4. I cant tell which pattern bitcoin is doing but what Im sure is its riding the s&p. Infact last time when s&p is pumping and btc is about to surge, suddenly ftx news came out, resulting to immediate dump.

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