Build and Deploy a Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Exchange Decentralized Application

Master Web3 development by building Uniswap – a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange React application with metamask …


  1. use the optimism goerli testnet if the normal ethereum goerli testnet gasprices are hurtinng you. this means you will also need to create your own tokens via actual code (not using the generator website) but it's very simple to do especially if you've used hardhat at all (or done his previous course on blockchain)

  2. ⚠*Warning: I believe npm @my-app/contracts@^1.0.0' package is deprecated.*

    So I wouldn't advice following this project tut if you are completely new. It won't work.

  3. Couldn't figure out how to resolve this npm ERR! code E404, after trying to reinstall @my-app/contracts@^1.0.0 once again

    "@my-app/contracts@^1.0.0' is not in this registry"

    This is the root of all my problems. I think I'm going to abandon this one!

  4. success Installed "create-eth-app@1.8.2" with binaries:

    – create-eth-app

    'C:Users…….' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.

    error Command failed.

    Exit code: 1
    When i run this error show me how can i solve this error

  5. Hi, I'm unable to click the Connect Wallet button after refreshing the page, at 1:36:20 in the video tutorial. There seems to be something blocking the cursor from changing to pointer, and blocking the button from being clicked. Anyone else run into this issue?

    PS: Interestingly enough, when I refresh the page and very quickly place my mouse over the Connect Wallet button, I am briefly able to click the button and open the Metamask Pop-up as usual. But, when the page is fully refreshed, the cursor goes back to the default arrow pointer, and I am unable to click the button.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    please help me out somebody @javascriptmastery

  6. Everything was going fine until 1:36:00 ⚠️

    I am unable to click the Connect Wallet button after refreshing the page. Something is blocking it from being clicked. I think it's useEthers, but i'm not even sure anymore ?

    I think I've finally met my match with a problem that I can't solve. It's always the "simple" problems too ?‍♂️?

    Did anyone else have this issue?

  7. Dumb question but I have to lol. So if we want to deploy it directly on ETH Network, so we can be able to interact with real funds, in the CRANQ we have to replace all "goerli" inputs with "ethereum" right?

  8. Hey! Thanks for videos, I'm really love it… Anybody know problem with convert to BigNumber? Link: project – add liquidities – liquidities adder – approve token A – unit parser… I can't solve this(

  9. Hello, Your content is great. Currently having an issue about cranq that throw error in adding liquidity part. Which says cannot read values of undefined at ParseUnits method. It is related with pairs for liquidity. I've checked your version of cranq it still errors.

  10. Can we also list BCS and other EVM chains on our swap including test nets? Thanks so much for this been hard to find a beginner friendly guide on building a swap.

  11. In CRANQ, whenever you put a string in quotes (" ") in the KEY of an item getter node, the program fails to run. But if you just type in the name of the key without quotes, the program will run as usual.

    This is just something to look out for, which might also help others who may run into similar problems.

  12. Cranq changed the way the item getter key works, so instead on passing it the string in quotes "abi" now you just need to pass it the value so abi

  13. At 3:10:18 it appears that an extra zero magically disappears from in-front of the AmountIn.js <input> value. I can't seem to get my project to behave the same. Small detail but driving me insane. Maybe I'll still figure it out. I don't mean to complain. This channel is an incredible free resource.

  14. Hi please I need help the Goerli faucet is not sending to my metamask and when I tried creating the ERC20 token it said I don't have enough GoerliETH in my account to pay for the transaction fee

  15. Hi there,

    After fixing private key and running the project at 26:30 , i am getting below error in console :
    error {

    "error": "invalid address (argument="address", value="", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=address/5.7.0) (argument="_feeToSetter", value="", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.7.0)"

    } @start

    "Factory compilation error" {

    "error": "invalid address (argument="address", value="", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=address/5.7.0) (argument="_feeToSetter", value="", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.7.0)"

    } @start

    Please help !

  16. Aaaaand you’ll get hacked and lose everything of yours and everyone who uses your “fantastic” exchange. If history teaches you nothing, you’re doomed to fail. Seriously don’t do it.

  17. Its brilliant. Waiting for ur next video.
    Really its amazing . It includes advance level concept which explained very simply. Thanks and stay blessed

  18. This is where I give up on Blockchain … I was getting Solidity Coding, Smart Contracts, etc. from the previous courses … but CRANQ went completely over my head … If I have to use CRANQ to work with Blockchain, I will blow my brains out …

  19. I followed every step and everything worked perfectly. However, when I come to the part with yarn ( create eth-app ./ ) visual code tells me during the installation that I don't have the license for package.json. can someone help me? or tell me what i'm doing wrong… I also have an error that I cannot copy a document.. please help me

  20. I've been following through and its been an amazing experience learning from you.

    Please I can't seem to access the github gist so I can get the scripts I'll need for tailwind. Your help would be most appreciated

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