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  1. I've come to realize as an investor that instead of letting my money sit idle in my savings account it is more productive to invest the little available and build a portfolio from the accumulated profit of investment

  2. हॅलो, हांव क्रिप्टोकरंसींत नवो आनी खरेंच तें कशें काम करता तें म्हाका समजना. गुंतवणूक करपाच्या योग्य पद्दतीचेर आनी क्रिप्टोकरंसी गुंतवणुकांतल्यान बरो फायदो मेळोवपा खातीर तुमी म्हाका मार्गदर्शन करूंक शकतले.

  3. >>>>>I appreciate your approach to teaching.. To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough, we just need to hold onto our hopes and wait to see how things turn out because market movements are almost always unpredictable. In my portfolio, I'm noticing more red than green.

  4. Marshmello Finance MARSH3 prevents Bear market, bot trades, paper hands by its automatic algorithms, so it's the safest altcoin ever. I am sure it will hit 10 bucks in no time.

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