How to Trade Cryptocurrency with Crypto Base Scanner in 2021? Altrady is the Answer!

Altrady, is the best choice to trade cryptocurrency using Crypto Base Scanner in 2021! More info …


  1. Why i have just a few coins i can select on Binance for base Scanner ? it's becouse the trial version ? I can't find Eth, Ada, Xrp ? You should do 1 month payment to see how it's working ?

  2. Good video with lots of content.
    but the video is very condensed and sometimes difficult to understand.
    It would be good if you could have more practical exemples.

  3. Are you guys using 15% Stop Loss? I got 2 stops and this is hurting my results a lot…

    I'm just thinking that we need to have a lot of small take profits to just pay for one 15% stop loss…

    I use the short/mid term settings and take 100% profit at the first target… no DCA, small hand

  4. Playing with Nefertiti, and I set my own signals, but guess I’d better trust in auto and get that configured properly on my end. Great video!

  5. Thank you! I was having trouble getting things set up but after watching the video a few times I am finally up and running. This software is everything I've been looking for! Great job! My one wish is that you would have the help video's that are in Dutch available in English. Maybe they could be subtitled? Many thanks again for the video and this great tool!

  6. This video can be expanded for example and clarity by breaking into several videos. A newbie like me, doesn't catch on to the intricacies to make the base scanner look like the examples here. I get every pair on the Coinbase pro exchange in Altrady, when I only trade in USD pairs at the moment. I need this to be more manageable.
    Alerts, minutes after a breakout. The biggest issue I have coming from Coinbase Pro is the quick view chart with all the pairs in the exchange condensed. I can see what is happening at a glance. There is more, but a lot was thrown into this video. I can only treat it as an overview.

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  8. Great video, I've been a QFL fan for a long time. Would be great to have more detailed information or a walkthrough guide how to setup Zignaly exactly to work with the signal and default settings. There's alot of settings and options within Zignaly and its a bit hard to get your head around them if youre not familiar with bots. Love the product though, really excited to see how it goes !

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