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  1. A few videos back you said, Larry Jones, that smart money is gathering their money and that there is one more leg down for this recession. Now your are saying you never said do not purchase crypto that this is the accumulation phase. So now you are advising to purchase but of course do what’s best for you. 4 days ago you even mentioned the crypto bull trap. You advice is confusing. Humm…. It is a difficult situation we put ourselves in when we give “advice”.

  2. Sold my Solana at fucking pissed. Sold it a week ago.
    I bought it at 15 cad a coin. So I still made a little. But man.. it's a punch in the gut

  3. I have been trying to purchase XRP , however moomoo is not allowing the purchase! I have noticed others complaining about this as well! Why are they blocking this⁉️

  4. If I’m being honest, most youtubers have been a step behind with crypto. Buying Bitcoin over $30K, Cardano over $2, Solana over $100, and so on… then bearish with BTC at $16K. Some of you folks are doing it all wrong!

  5. Thank you , Uncle Larry for bringing another tool to use in our research with the Crypto Bubbles. Playing with the houses money is something we all should be doing on the regular.

  6. That picture with your Grandma and then you said you are service to us
    I feel like hugging you my Brother Larry Jones.

  7. I bought when it was at the top last year or 2 years ago and I stopped watching ever since. I am so down but didn’t touched anything.

  8. I will forever be indebted to you Mr,Brian Fischer you have changed my entire life. I will continue to preach on your name for the world to hear that you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment. Thank you very much, Brian.-_

  9. driveshack went to OTC self delisted, haven’t seen it for a long while, if uncle Larry has any comments on that ticker?

  10. Please do a video together with stock moe , yourself , stock with josh and keenan,, need more education , need to listen more stuff

  11. I think you are missing the ⛵. The bulls are out and it's going to go up. It's about people being greedy and pushing the market through influences and social as opposed to how it should be which is company performance. It's sad to see.

  12. Hi Larry. Love your content. Been following you for more then a year now. Saw your last video where you said this is probably a bull trap in crypto. But you also told that in 70% of the time the s&p gets a all time high before a resession. What are your thought on that?

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  13. Hey uncle thanks for keeping me steady during these rough times god bless you and your family as he continues to bless mine with you….. I love webull I used your link 3 years ago the platform is getting better and better I would love if you can ask them to enable drip I want to hold my devidend stocks there and I would like to buy at least ten stocks on auto pilot I use Robinson too and they enable multiples so does stash

  14. I think the stock market and Crypto world pay too much attention to percentages, i believe what is more important is how many stocks/crypto's you have and at what price you bought them at. im more concern with value. I look forward to watching your and stocks with Josh videos everyday.

  15. Hi Larry, So I am using the MooMoo app on my Laptop. Maybe that is my problem but it looks NOTHING like the MooMoo you just showed us. I can't seem to find the Lite version. Probably because my page looks absolutely nothing like yours. Confusing for me.

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