Tide is Turning on Crypto GPU Mining

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  1. Ive been mining some spec coins. Not even running 3/4 of my miners though. Not selling ANY of my GPU's. Sold off all of my AMD cards last year for major profit. Kept all of my nvidia 1060, 1660 (S)(TI) cards, same for a couple B stock "new" 1070, 1070TI cards. Kept all of my 2060 cards. Kept all my 30series. Sold off 2070 cards for major profit. Buying 1660 S, 2060 and 30 series still. Buying up mining racks, motherboards, CPU's, RAM and power supplies. Ill be ready for the next bull run.

  2. Still have my rigs. Not running them at home. I used to take them to run in hotels when I worked on the road more. Been buying the dip and investing both in crypto and traditional markets. Hoping to turn on my rigs again if the next bitcoin halving generates some value across the board. Just remember to write off your purchases folks to get what tax breaks you can.

  3. Still got my initial 3 1660 supers and 2 5700xt's. My 2060s is in a pc that no one has really seemed to want to buy lol, so, still got that. But I have just started adding ASICS to my mix… branching out. Just a simple ipollo that's gonna dag out next year but, good starting point for me. Guess I'm ready on both sides of the game..

  4. I continued after the merge by mining on NiceHash. My power is cheap enough to balance off the cost with the heat gain. I am still leaving all the algos in NH enabled, thus letting the NH software decide which ones to run. I am considering whether or not to switch off some plugins strategically to look for improvement. What’s making it difficult to compare is the variations in difficulty,MH rate,Sol rate etc.

  5. After the ETH merge and prices began to plummet (as i expected), i sold off all of my 10 series cards, and all but 2 x 20 series cards, and upgraded everything to 30 series. Been buying 3060ti's for $275, 3070's for $300/325; picked up a 2070 Super for $180, and upgraded one of my cpu's from an Athlon to a 3900x for $180 as well. This bear market has been good to me.
    Besides buying crypto str8 out at these bare bottom prices, i have been mining and swapping RXD for BTC, ADA, and ILV. Cpu's are profitably mining XMR. My investments are doing pretty good considering the market. Definitely preparing for this next Bull???? run????‍♂️ !!!

    Happy Mining Every1 !!!!

  6. I just bought 3 RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultras for 375€ a pop.
    Think pretty good deal since im from Portugal and stuff here is very expensive.

  7. ever since i discovered cpu mining and stayed on monero im 5 bucks a day with a hydro cost of 2.20 a day so im profitable, gpus can suck it

  8. Sold off nearly all my 20 series. 10 series long gone. Holding on to 66 67 57xt, selling 3070ti, but I did just pick up a 3080 to help heat my bedroom.

  9. Well right now i have all the rigs on for heating,
    2 3900x with 2 1660 supers and a 3060 collectively
    a separate i7 8700k with a 2080
    and a fx8350 with 2 1070s (but really it's a glorified heater, i don't run it when not necessary)

    i have a couple more boards and cards i could throw up but i have a varied power rate, so i gotta keep the kwh down …
    for now 🙂

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