5 Altcoins To 7 Figures! (Perfect Crypto Portfolio For Millionaires)

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  1. There's only 1 coin you'll need for a 20x gain risk/reward ratio. ADA!
    If you want 100x invest into the Cardano ecosystem. Cardanos security and decentralization is unmatched. Iagon and Cornucopias are my favorite picks at the moment for ADA ecosystem.

  2. Cardano is absolute hot garbage, dumpster fire trash. It has less daily active users than fantom. This channel panders to clowns…. ADA is a ghost blockchain and will go to irrelevance next cycle. STOP LISTENING TO THIS CLOWN. Ada is horrible…. 45 billion coins….. No usage…. Fantom has 3.5 billion coins, better defi, cheaper transactions, faster transactioms etc…. And this is just FANTOM, a weak but promising project. During the Xrp pump SOLANA showed what will happen in the next cycle. I saw it happen last cycle….

  3. Biggest thing I got from this video was no coffee. Are you stopping intentionally? I want to do this. GOD has done so much in my life from quitting heroin, removing being an alcoholic, removed nicotine and porn. I see the damage coffee use does to the brain so hopefully God will also help me remove that. It's certainly not good especially everyday. Now for crypto he's brought me into the space a couple years ago so I'm waiting to see what it does. I'm not able to be in it everyday like I was with a new job but hopefully a bull run will get me outta the job ????, although i like helping addicts I just want to do it on my terms and not reliant on crap pay.. Praise Jesus

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