AS EXTREME AS 2020, Bitcoin Price Historic Levels, XRP Price Chart Finishing Structure, Stock Bounce

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  2. Bitcoin price didnt hit a full fib extension. Neither did the dow jones. Why would they be any different? Did bitcoin pull the retail money off the dow's blowoff top?

  3. Talk about a pile of charts flashing double bottoms, my fav pattern for buying. I'll watch to see if things percolate a bit and turn up and confirm these double bottoms. The coming autumn should be interesting either way

  4. problem you have is that by "reading the future", you alter the future. Why? cause people become expectant and that feeds the mass psychology. While 1 person can't impact the group think – you have to realize that nearly EVER SINGLE OTHER youtuber and spirit guid is massively bullish – all expecting the same.

    This means, everyone is bought in. The diversity of participants is low. IE you don't have a full set of participants. like it or not. And no – this time is not different.

  5. Keep your eye on the BRICS nations meeting tomorrow in South Africa, they are reportedly going to announce that they will be ditching the US petrodollar & moving to a gold backed currencies within BRICS.

  6. Anyone got any info on binance n the whole payment thing?
    Figure this is always a good place to ask. If anyone has any idea or heard anything? Be super appreciated

  7. Should mention that the difference between XRP and XLM is that even though XLM/USD held it’s previous resistance it got rejected at the 200 week moving average whilst XRP/USD is still above it.

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