Completely Starting Over! ….New Crypto Mining Strategy

After getting completely wrecked in my Crypto Mining. If I was going to go forward, I had to start somewhere. Its the Bear Market …


  1. Isnt it better to just buy the coins in this bear market? Yes its cheap to buy hardware now, but cheaper to buy the coins. Also, i dont think you can mine all the coins back… Lets say you could buy 3 XMR now or a full rig with mobo, ryzen 9, etc… The rig wont mine you back 3 XMR in three years or more… Why keep mining? (I'm still mining, but its not for profit).

  2. Why plug each mobo with one psu? Youncould feed four mobos woth ryzen 9 with just one 750W ATX PSU. Just use splitters. They are cheap and safe. More appropriate than server psu with picos…

  3. I didnt realize how much cpu’s were making, I have to turn one of my 3900x’s on. Could you share your build with it? Interested in the mobo, fan, and that frame you’re using.

  4. Nice start to your cpu farm. I have 41 Ryzens myself and growing, my midterm goal is 100 Ryzens. I personally prefer to direct mine coins and then sell for USDT then use that to buy BTC in the dips. I also hodl certain coins that I feel might go places.

  5. Great job man appreciate you sharing I set up a small diy solar setup to offset my .13 cents and keep me mostly in the green. Kept it small and diversifying just like you want to build a cpu rig next when I can find some cheap parts.

  6. i see why you getting REKT.

    first what is your problem? electricity costs right?

    sell all your hardware. install a solar power source. buy mining equipments again using electricity savings.

  7. bitcoin is a distributed supercomputer like SETI. Mining isnt doing useless hashes, it is doing computations. The beneficiary for this supercomputer IMO is Iran. In Iran, all bitcoin mining electricity is provided for free by the government. And Iran needs a supercomputer for all their nuclear dreams. Do the math.

  8. Officially subbed and tuned in. Happy I found this channel. I been a bitcoin maxi ever since 2020. Liquidated all my possessions a couple years ago. Currently typing this at my job, farming money to buy more btc. It's the bear market ladies and gents. You know what ben cowen says. Bull markets make you money, bear markets make you rich.

  9. Good strat. I’m focusing on diversification by building out my server rack for Chia and POUW (cores, RAM, HDDs). As someone who works in IT, I think decentralized cloud computing has potential to disrupt the existing cloud compute industries of Amazon, Azure, and Google. All it needs is SECs stamp of approval to go mainstream.

  10. I'm glad I came across your channel, and I hope you won't change when you become big 🙂 You've given me some great ideas that I will implement on my farm, and most importantly, motivation. I can't wait for the new video, and I want to say again, I hope you won't change

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