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  1. During a bear-market, you never mine the most profitable coin unless you are exclusively here for the FIAT value, which is still a mistake.
    Coin yield matters more in the bear-market. FIAT value becomes more important during the bull-run.
    We are not even close to the ETH profitability and i don't think we will get close as more people will come online lol
    Enjoy the rest of your week and pick your poison wisely ⛏️????

  2. Ordered another dual epyc board last weekend. Planning to buy s19j pro 104th tomorrow. Maybe in 2 hours. Then back to finishing my 12 3070 rig and getting 2 more minerdude x12s. Full ateam ahead because why not

  3. Yeah, technically profitable with return on investments from 10 to 20 years ????. So technically, it is profitable, but you can never pay back your investment lol.

  4. hey rabid i was getting a handshake error when trying to connect to your pool, can you confirm i can connect with the wss:// for uranus and also what port, you have a few listed in different spots.

  5. Rabid – I am having issues with the Dero web wallet and the windows download. The download says "please wait" and the web wallet does not provide a seed phrase. This is odd and concerning. Has anyone else had any issues with these wallets?

  6. Kaspa's aggressive schedule, 36 years, is designed so that the good majority of Kaspa will be mined by gpu miners and everyday people by the time ASICs proliferate. It isn't ASIC resistant, because Yonotan understood that ASIC era is inevitable.

  7. Kaspa is not only efficient as hell to mine, but its protocol is revolutionary for payments. I would wager that it will be the best choice, simply due to price appreciation. It's going to the top. BlockDAG is the successor to blockchain, and kaspa is miles ahead in blockdag than anything in the project. I believe it will also usher in a whole new wave of blockDAG projects, and force existing pprojects to upgrade to blockDAGs. It's objectively better. The only reason it came out now is because it took 8 or 9 years for them to solve the complexities of blockDAG. More complex, but better.

  8. Should I keep mining FLUX? I’ mine as a business. I use 6 Nvidia RTX 3070’s and 1 Nvidia RTX 3080. My electricity rate is 0.09. I don’t want to bounce around from coin to coin. I’m losing money mining flux at this time. I’m getting about 50 flux per month and my electricity costs more than the value I’m rewarded. Advise? I’m want to make as much $ as possible as quickly as possible

  9. I’m still mining DogeWow. I now have the second largest DogeWow wallet and climbing. I know it’s a really risky play, but I’m ok with that. Big risk=big reward.

  10. Rabid, in order to mine dero with your pool.. what should be the extra configuration to indicate cpu only in hiveos custom miner? Wondering if your tutorial from 3 months ago is still the most up to date

  11. I was hoping the difficulty would stay down to get more yield before things pop off, not gonna lie. GPUs were not sold off like everyone said they’d be, so Kaspa will likely get destroyed like Conflux (which had a higher difficulty). Oh well, onto the next one!

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