Crypto Mining Profits AUGUST 2023 – GPUs, CPUs, ASICs, FPGAs

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  1. Great video as always. I wanted to get your opinion..I have been offered either ryzen 5 5500 or Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and motherboard combos. Almost the same price! Which is my best bet in terms of CPU mining?

  2. of course dynex cuz its soooo efficient ! i have cheap epower but for the capacity
    i think kaspa still on top :
    1 because of the dual mining and mostly i think with ERGO+KAS
    2 ppl forgot their rigs and never checked

  3. Kinda sad to see a scam coin like Dynex being the most mined coin (on HiveOS though, does it represent mining as a whole, probably not). But it is how the bear-market rolls sadly, desperate time, desperate moves lol

  4. OGs out there with the 580s! I’m a little surprised that Verus isn’t above RTM right now with there being so much talk about it recently. My power jumped from $.15 to $.19 last month, def hurts for some spec mining. What happened to this Scrypt miner rumored coming out? Haven’t seen much with the hyped mining disrupt.

  5. My power bill is killing me now…$780 this month…
    down to just running 3x L3's and 1 mini doge until halving tomorrow, 4x ipollo V1 minis, and 1 grin G1mini miner. I'll turn on a gpu rig or 2 on RXD at night if temps are down.
    Waiting for my KS0 to actually be profitable with something….
    PS. IceRiver lowered prices again today, KS0 for only $759!

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