Gareth Soloway: “Bitcoin Going to $15k.. But What Comes Next Will SHOCK You!”

What’s next for bitcoin? Buy ethereum now? Today we are joined by Pro Trader, Gareth Soloway, to discuss crypto, altcoins, stock …


  1. Last time he called BTC down to $10k or even $9k. Many people believed and sold BTC. Suddenly it recovered, many people list their investment. Millions lost to his prediction.

    You can listen but you must not believe him. It happens many times already. I lost because listening to him.

  2. Gareth is like 25 years old started trading at 5 years old, He really knows his sht. 15k which btc will never see again, he missed his chance at 17k to bad. now he is wishing to 15k never happen. if your waiting for btc to come down to 15 your a chump for listening to this dude.

  3. I am begging you stop paying attention to Gareth Soloway. Why do youtubers insist on giving him so much coverage? Crypto is not all doom and gloom. Please use better judgement on your YT channel.

  4. Love your channel but still struggle to why you let Garith use your platform to push his short agenda. He is so up to no good . Something stinks and I smell a rat . I watch all of your post now for years but if I see Garith on any of your thumbnails I will not waste my time watching this weasel !

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