Ripple/XRP-Countdown-BRICS/G20 Nations Together-World Stage Is Set For XRP Price Explosion

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  2. I get a very strong feeling that you’re setting yourself up for a fall Brad…. ????
    You think the countries all rallying against the U.S dollar are going to choose to use a DLT that’s so strongly linked to a U.S company? I’m not so sure….

  3. Thank you for another great video. This week. Crypto education is what the world needs most right now. I studied and researched about crypto and stocks for a while and finally got stuck on the learning curve. Now I can say that I'm really improving my understanding of this whole new world and I'm getting great achievements every week, big thanks to Ms. Katie Benadryl ❤❤.,

  4. China and certainly Russia isn't Iraq and in fact BRICS combined means all the US can do is to neg countries like the Saudis to stay hitched to the dollar. We are seeing countries in Africa start to kick out the West so the days of the US knocking off leaders using false claims to protect the dollar are are over.

  5. I thought that ODL was there to allow institution to use XRP without buying and holding it… people are all wrong when they predict the value of XRP based on X $trillions in daily transaction divided by the number of XRPs… 24 hours in seconds is 24X60X60=86,400seconds divided by 3sec settlement=28,800 t/d .. That means that the same XRP can be used to transact up to 28,800 times a day! so 50billion xrp@ only $1usd value X 28,800 t/d = $1.44 quadrillion! that's not even counting the other 50Billion XRP in escrow!

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  7. Ive been following up with Web3 Ignite IGNITE3 for a while, and I must say that Im thrilled with its novel approach to governance. Future events are exciting!

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