What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet? (In 1 Minute!) – Beginners’ Guide #shorts

This is a quick 1-minute explanation of what a cryptocurrency wallet is for beginners.


  1. Due to a hack I had to go to a cold storage wallet and I’m forced to start over.it’s hard having dreams hope and faith of a better future stolen from you.I was crushed,but still here and this time I keep all my info off the internet.

  2. I don’t understand how this is any safer, Where is this software-stored? ? On the cloud, it’s just another computer that someone has control over. So, can they just choose too turn the cloud off at will, keeping you from accessibility your crypto ?

  3. I recently signed up for coin base but they want a lot of personal information like my address, full name, ssn and date of birth. Is this normal? Also, I am Canadian, and it’s an American company, does that matter?

  4. I am totally new to this. I set up my Coinbase wallet. As practice to learn the platform, I was going to transfer $12 worth of USDC to Ethereum. I got a message that I needed $472 to complete the transaction! Who would ever use this if that’s the norm? Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hello Casey, i am brand new to the Crypto world, I love your videos, anyway with respect to wallets, once you take off your Crypto from the platform like coinbase and place it into the wallet, how does it upgrade for the day to day updates, do we need to connect it to the computer once a day?

  6. People explain how to switch etherium to an alt coin with uniswap and meta mask,, but how do you swap that altcoin back to ethereum to take profits. I keep getting charged 20-89$ but 0 eth shows in transactions

  7. OMG Casey that was awesome. You're a genius and a hottie. Good for you. Thank you for the vid. I probalby could lecture 10hrs a day for a year and still not give an adequate comprehensive review of cryptobloc tech. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Casey, could you make a video specifically to compare ETH/Cardano/…all other good smart-contract-chains? By training I am computer scientist (ai, robotics) and could read the white papers but I lack the time to go through ALL relevant projects that you might already know over the years. Thx : ) Looking right now for ways to invest more in the crypto space beside my small holdings (some ETH and less than 1 BTC). Could also be promising companies

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