Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Note: accidentally missed out Bittrex and Kraken!! Had their tabs open on my browser too. Will talk about them soon 0:30 Golden …


  1. I have about 1.3 BTC which I hold on the axisoption ,com wallet platform. Axis Option pays me 4% interests monthly in BTC just for holding bitcoins on their platform.

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  3. I'm currently using CoinDeal and I have a request for other users.Could you do me a favor and vote on LYFCOIN in a vote
    action on CoinDeal exchange? Voting takes place here: platform organizes votes in which users themselves choose the currencies to be introduced to the platform. I'm thinking about invest in LYF but it doesn't have enough votes… Maybe thanks to your votes it will work? I'm counting on your help! 🙂

  4. Very interesting and useful video.

    Boxman, thanks a lot! All these problems of exchange, payment, time of check, a trust problem – solves bibitbot. It is the boat which can be connected to any exchange which is present at video. Boxman, is interesting your opinion on this boat if it is interesting – remove the review please

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  6. The exchange of crypto currency on the basis of Telegram! The exchange office BitExchanger launched its bot for Telegram that it would be even more convenient to exchange e-currencies! Bring friends get bonuses!


  7. Hey there. I would like to recommend you to the best market leading broker. Click here ( ) to check it out. Minimum investment is only $1 and minimum deposit is $10. Maximum profit up to 85%. Start trading for winning maximum profit by investing minimum.

  8. I passed successfull verification, with expeditious confirmation of passport data. exchange operates at a high level, tested on real experience). I took this week is 0.1 BTC and during the day got my diposit to freewallet.

  9. Bittrex, Gdax, BitStamp, Bitfinex don't work worldwide, they actually just work in America, Canada, UK, and a couple of EU countries. Coinbase is not an exchange, it's a wallet and a Bitcoin vendor. Bitfinex is very interlaced with tether, and I fear a very big blow for them. Living in a small European country, I am just getting into Crypto, even if I have been using BTC to purchase online now and again. Got verified on to buy my BTC & Ether. And I am trying to decide if I should use Binance, Cryptopia, Poloniex or Kraken. Which one do you suggest?

  10. When trading on the exchange hitbtc I can analyze pairs of time frames (the value from minutes to weeks), study how deep is the market, use 2 standard orders: market and limit. In general, not bad, although the overall functionality is not much different from other similar exchanges

  11. HITBTC offers a more advanced trading platform than most of the exchanges we have reviewed. It is more suitable for advanced traders who wish to actively manage their cryptocurrency portfolio than the novice Bitcoin user. If you are simply looking to buy Bitcoin at a good price in order to hold it for a longer period of time or use it as a means of trade, we suggest you use another one of our exchanges rated Beginner Friendly. If you do however intend to make money through trading different cryptocurrencies, HITBTC offers you the means necessary in order to do it successfully.

  12. As soon as I knew about HITBTC exchange, there was no need in multiwallets. I am working at the stock exchange for more than six months, no problems arose. Minimal commissions, transaction speed is fantastic. There is rather good affiliate program, I'm happy with it.

  13. He didn't have the Best exchange on Earth on his list. Binance is a one stop shop for buying and selling cryptos, forming an ICO, and on top of all of that, their mobile app is the best I've seen. Plus, they have a referral bonus that pays you a small portion of the money your people spend in the exchange. The top 3 referers make 100+ BTC a month, absolutely free! Click on my link and check it out.

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