Bitcoin Is About To Shock Everyone – Here Is My Plan I Gareth Soloway Update

Bitcoin Is About To Shock Everyone – Here Is My Plan I Gareth Soloway Update Thank you for watching! To stay connected with …


  1. Lol
    No really people
    I know I have said this a million times before
    But this time is different….. Lol
    No really I mean it (quit laughing)
    ButtC has shown some life in the past few days so it must plummet
    In other words
    Its time for the BUTTC Flop
    Yes everyone its the ButtC Flop
    Like the drunk Uncle at a wedding: who is back out at the dance floor after puking his guts out
    Good old sht talking ButtC
    Does a face plant while promising to be at 200K (lol) to 10 Million (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
    Praise ButtC

  2. Btc will leave Gareth crying with his bearish disbelief soon. This guy is misleading the viewers by his wrong statements. Remember! This is the same person calling for 12k, 9k and 3k. I have very little trust in this guy.

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  4. I have a SSD hard drive and a cloud server …. I recall you were screaming a massive crash like a black swan event just a few days ago … or you are just talking in a Solo way ….. self talk

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