Bitmain just dropped the BEST Bitcoin Miner to BUY the Antminer S21 and S21 Pro!

Bitmain produces not only the most Bitcoin miners, but also the most profitable BTC mining rigs, and that is why their new highly …


  1. What Bitmain does is borderline illegal. First they are using the S 21 to mine for themselves & only sell them right around the halving. & Bitmain is known to charge not just more USD for the newest Miners but also if they created a Batch of Asics that reach higher Hashrates, like with the new Kaspa KS3 miners which first were set at 8.4 TH but now a Variant goes up to 9.7 TH at a $5/10.000 price increase. With the Network Hashrate of Kaspa going higher & higher, purchasing the 8.4 TH Version or purchasing one of the Iceriver KS3 Variants is probably the more financially viable option ????

  2. Vost, new fan here. I have $.095 kwh electricity at my home in ny. i also have the funds to buy a Bitmain Antminer KS3 (9.4Th). i need you to tell me the internet stats of $200+ a day, 4 month roi, and $90k profit is near accurate before i pull the trigger. seems like a no brainer and to good to be true.

  3. Yup those S21 Pro+ 250TH upcoming for delivery are Juicy Brother, I'm stacking my yields as we speak to grab a few, Price point isn't bad either for its efficiency at 3kw & 250TH. Looks like $8800 price will hold $5500 for the 210's.

    My new Prime Power LPG 125kw Generators on subsidized LPG has my per KW costs down around .02 (excluding maint. costs) these S21's are going to be MASSIVE to rapidly expand, and deploy additional Containerized Mining on Prime Power LPG generators, I'll ROI in roughly 16-18 months (at conservative price/yield) on entire setup deploying 125Kw units.. Its almost pure profit. Efficiently running 7.5 Petahash per unit based on specs of these new S21 Pros ???? geeked after seeing these beasts, definitely game changing for BTC Mining, I expect by Q4 2024 we see Network Hash above 600+ EHs and difficulty in mid 60's. Unless some big operators drop out the Mining Game; Network is going to Explode Upward.

    I've been randomly poking your channel though for quite a while that anyone long Mining needed to convert to BTC and Scale their biz rapidly to survive. I'd imagine next few years we see the rise of efficiency at 500Ths occur next.

    Mention this as I know you've been having Power acquisition issues and US Electricity Rates will be on the rise next year, suppliers resistant to supplying 480v to step down or 3 phase to Non-Industrial Locations with Dedicated Transformers etc. SO might take a look at going (Prime Generator on LPG or Diesel with a Cooking Oil Conversion Kit) current secondary market for lightly used LPG Prime Power Units is flooded with inventory rapidly dropping costs as more Industrial & Commercial Properties go belly up and the Equipment hits the auction block, you can grab 80Kw to 125Kw units newer efficient models currently around $15k-$20k range. Possibly worth looking into for your needs, although your LPG costs in US are much higher than here where the government subsidizes LPG costs under $0.50 per gallon.

    Also have you looked at possibly putting some Inline Buck/Boost Transformers 240v Step-Up to 277v and I believe you can also get units to split phase single to 3 phase as well. Regardless the 240v-277v will squeeze a few more amps out of your power, reduce operating Temps and boost your efficiency Slightly, units run about $595 each for 60amp capacity. I use some here myself on my regular line service to boost voltage and increase efficiency & reduce heat and wear on equipment. Just a thought might help Slightly on your setup and squeeze another device in or better efficiency in the least.

  4. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET SINGLE TO 3 PHASE?!?! My electrician insists that I only have access to dual phase, which makes no sense. But since he's the expert, I've had to limit my PDU options to a very specific one from Raptor power supplies. They can only power 10 ASICS at a time. I'm assuming you're in a commercial zone. Would you be willing to share the approximate price and upgrade to three phase versus your current single phase? It would be very helpful because when I asked my electrician, he just responded with, "astronomical". I was in the process of building a fairly substantial mining farm…..what a stupid response, lol. He does really good work though, so I am hesitant to start asking around in this small town.

  5. What I would love is them to make a miner that’s actually for the home user. Something like the old S9, it doesn’t need to rake in the money every day, but losing $2 wouldn’t be hot either. I miss my old little S9J

  6. I’ve known that the new ones were going to come out before Christmas for a few months now

    Been setting some money aside. Hopefully you can get rid of your older lot you just got before the new ones are released.

  7. I’ve known that the new ones were going to come out before Christmas for a few months now

    Been setting some money aside. Hopefully you can get rid of your older lot you just got before the new ones are released.

  8. If I get given a free machine then I'll make money lol. Not worth it. Takes way too long to get back your roi. 5 or more years in crypto is far too risky for these sort of purchases.

  9. The reason why I’m doing hard drive mining and chia farming is the fact that I have tons of hard drives laying around not being used just sitting there with nothing in there I need, so I just put it towards Chia farming and I have friends that work at like tech companies and works in the field so he helps repair out companies stuff and sometimes when the companies don’t need their hard drives and aren’t shredding them he takes them home and gives it to me so it’s more about earning more than I burn ????

  10. These units are most likely already a few years out of date and they have new miners off the line that are now pulling 500TH for 2800watt…
    It's turning into a scam bro…
    Once they have more profitable units they let the old machinery go to the public market.

  11. You can preorder the S21 but it will be available right after the halving kicks in next year; Bitmain will use every S21 it can produce to mine until the halving.

  12. of course there is a new bitcoin miner XD its like a reverse Ponzi scheme, early investors are always fucked by the next miner.

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