Cleanspark Reaches 10eh/s! Most shorted Bitcoin Miners Now!

Cleanspark CLSK reaches 10eh/s by optimizing and removing older ASIC miners. Look at the most shorted Bitcoin miners …


  1. I wonder why all Bradford and Schultz do is sell CLSK stock? Why sell at the lows? Surely they don’t think these are the lows

  2. Yep. ClSK is 10EH now but the price is less than 20% of when it had 2EH. BTC lost 50% of its value whereas CLSK lost more than 80%. When BTC back to 60k, we would count ourselves lucky if CLSK can be 10. This is a horrible investment– this applies to all BTC miners.

  3. I think people need to understand we won’t see the run up like we have in the past in these miners because in the past besides Bitcoin there weren’t many places you could put your money into that represents Bitcoin there was Robinhood Coinbase all the miners and MicroStrategy BUT now we have many more miners them before on the exchange plus all the Grayscales and once the Bitcoin etf does come on line some of that money that would go into miners will go into there

  4. 6 months ago the highest call options for Mara on Jan 2025 were close to 78$ now it’s literally half that they think 14 months from now they think Mara will be around 35$ I would take it that they aren’t as positive on Bitcoin in general

  5. As you said Sebastian, looks like the pattern with the miners will repeat somewhat compared to previous cycle. Bitcoin at a higher price but miners coming back down to somewhere around their prior lows of this cycle. Their 5-8x off the bottom was the move imo. This recent divergence in price between btc and the miners is bearish AF unfortunately for a little while. Just imo ????

  6. Thank you Sebastian, I am glad to see this video. No one else, that I see , covers all of the shorting on BTC miners, except you. Very much appreciated.

  7. I once asked for exactly for such hash rate comparison. Sooo great insight. Thanks a lot! It seems everything is pretty balanced, no evil invisble superpower taking cake by the storm haha. Some further ideas – assumtion models of how much of total hashrate % comes from public vs private, governments, etc. Especially if that could be tracked on time scale. Also regional split %. Which could be difficult to calculate as many miners are heavily diversivied across the globe. It's all very interesting.

  8. Thanks for the video Sebastian, it's always good to keep an eye on what the shorts are doing. It would be great if you also had the historical data for the shorts as well, so that we could see when shorts had been raised or decreased in companies. I would love to see the shorts level be a regular addition to your video's. How you don't have more subscribers with all the in depth data you supply is beyond me. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate it????????????????????????

  9. Oh, this is the first time that I’ve seen the hash rate comparison. This is terrific that you analyze this information as well. Thank you for providing such in-depth content!

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