Crypto Alert: U.S. Dollar Inflation Nightmare Could SPARK BITCOIN Bull Market!

In today’s crypto analysis, we dive deep into Bitcoin’s weekly charts, exploring the potential of a bullish rise leading up to the 2024 …


  1. I also believe that next-gen stablecoins can be an effective hedge against inflation. Take Ethena, for instance; they are currently developing the first crypto-native yield-bearing stablecoin. More than just a stable store of value, it has the potential to provide an effective means to counter inflation.

  2. Your spot on with the trends but your a bit off with the halving time… hacking will be April 2024 at latest could be sooner depending on what’s been mined so think about it breaking out before Christmas then correcting then halving then correcting

  3. I don’t think you understand what the world will be like in the coming months and next year 😉 – a lot of death is coming to the world

  4. An eye-opening analysis! ???? The interplay between the potential USD collapse and Bitcoin's trajectory leading to the 2024 halving is a thrilling concept. The prospect of a Bitcoin bull market amid economic shifts keeps us all on the edge of our seats. Let's keep the discussion going in the comments and stay tuned for what the future holds!

  5. I never understood why people disregard black swan events on their TA but include White swan events. Such a flawed way to do TA. You gotta include both.

  6. Im waiting for Bitcoin halving to increase my capital, but for now, Im keeping my capital in Canna farm ltd. They provide stable growth for my investments

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