Crypto Exit Strategy

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  1. Confidence comes from the amount of research one has done on the particular subject I believe… and if you only have 2% Confidence on the great reset could this not mean you've not done as much research on the subject??? as for example someone with a 80% or higher Confidence ratio on the Reset in which they've put a considerably lot more time and effort into that particular subject maybe??? ????

  2. ALL this banks already use xrp ( how we can know in ehich value the move the money. i dont think this banks will move big money with the price of xro 0.50 cent ( maybe they have another paltform that is closed just for banks and there the xrp is high? what you think ( because the insititution they buy xrp long time ago maybe have clodrf ot premium paltform fot the banks

    and the non security xrp for retails? price will range in small value

    i think in the right way??????

    Santander Bank (USA)

    * Siam Commercial Bank (Thailand)

    * SBI Remit (Japan)

    * Euro Exim Bank (UK)

    * Bitso (Mexico)

    * Cuscal (El Salvador)

    * Tranglo (Malaysia)

    * MoneyGram (USA)

    * Xendpay (UK)

    * Bitspark (Hong Kong)

    * Viamericas (USA)

    * Coil

  3. A few years ago, i brought a lot of XRP, i am now worried this is a pyramid scheme, people keep saying, the pump is coming over and over, but still no pump, i'm getting a little nervous that this is going to end badly for all those people invested, ant thoughts on this?

  4. I will be forever grateful to you, you have changed my entire life and I am preaching in your name to the whole world that with just a small investment you saved me from huge financial debt Thank you Michaela Anderson

  5. I wouldnt be worried to take out $6K. Large amounts, like in the 6 or 7 digits, scare the crap out of me. No way. Not without going to a financial planner who I've seriously vetted, first. Its OK to admit youre ignorant and need a professional.
    Note: Piss off, internet scammers.

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