How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Mine Bitcoin?

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Mine Bitcoin? It’s just math, so if want to turn your solar energy into passive income …


  1. You just need to live in the mountains and use hydro. I'm thinking about energy storage by pumping water into a large storage tank and use that water at night to run hydro generator and a lower storage tank.

  2. Well, I'm not going to catch stars deploying tens of ASICs, however I'm experiencing the excessive solar production in my household, so I'm just greedy on this wasting of "clean energy"…

  3. virgina isnt the best area for solar my friend. you are much better off in an area like arizona. you need to be running off-grid as long as possible and batteries are not the answer. not only are they expensive but they have to be replaced. when you factor in weather, the ROI will be much longer. i know as I've designed and installed a few solar systems now and the ROI was always much longer than what was calculated.

  4. Hey my name is Stefon and i am interested in getting my first crypto miner is there any way I could contact you someway to figure out the best way to get my journey going

  5. Solar is very complicated…for starters, which solar panel should you go with that will generate the same consistent wattage most of the time (there are many different brands and models). Which installer should you go with that will service your installation for many years to come (most of the installers I talked to were only in business for a few years, so they didn't have the answer to "Do you service panels after the 25-year manufacturer warranty?" They said, I don't know). Government is offering tax credits, but solar installers are adding that to your cost because they know you're getting a discount. For example, if you finance $100k in solar cost and you're getting $20k back on your taxes, they want you to pay it to them to take down your monthly payments. They're charging you interest for what you're getting back in taxes if you don't pay it to them, it will be as if they lend you the extra $20K and you now you have to pay interest on it. Look at this, total cost for solar is $100k so my payments are $300 per month, if I don't give them my tax return, my payments will jump to $350 per month (for example). So, the true cost of my solar should be $80K not $100K. If I give you my tax return or not my payment should be the same with an early payoff date, like making a lump sum payment. It's a numbers game just like when you go to the car dealership or when you buy an EV vehicle. Dealers and installers take the tax credit. I could be wrong, Do your own research and if you have time let me know too.

  6. I've been electrician for almost 30 years, just went down the rabbit hole about 4 years ago. I've been mapping out the game plan since I started. Not once did I not incorporate some sort of renewable energy to power any kind of a system that I would be building.

  7. I have been wondering when you were going to get onto this subject. And I'm kind of wondering why you brothers and sisters haven't looked into this sooner. And if the wind blows in your area, why don't you incorporate some baby wind turbines?

  8. When you do it all yourself, stay off the grid and have all your systems set to reboot when you have power. You can drastically increase productivity to cost. Battery backups are easy to install when you have the knowledge. Next stop the moon. Keeping the electric company out of my business.

  9. I will never try to stop a man chasing his dream. But I do feel that using Roi and anticipated formulas is a key for failure. Lesson, my machines been off now for I guess like 5-6 months. But when I got them a year before shutting them down, I never could of imagined the hashrate growth which basically destroyed any chance of living out the dream I had developed. I was making 1/20th the amount of coin I was when I first started. To kick a man when he is down the electric prices tripled and the btc price decreased almost 66%. Unless u have all your expenses laid out and in the game now, you have no chance! I am not trying to be mean, but just telling anyone willing to listen. The best scenario u can hope for is going bankrupt and getting to restructure or write off your debt while keeping everything.

  10. my 2sats: for solar driven ASIC's it's probably more advantageous to power the units directly with the DC power from the panels/battery since converting to AC just to convert to back to DC is pretty inefficient and you're looking at a minimum 10% loss with each conversion. Additionally, it may be possible to run hashboards in series, allowing you to have a higher DC voltage, say 48VDC which means less copper for the power distribution.

  11. Vosk, I'm building an 18kw system for less than $1/w, in the county next door to you. Don't pay retail prices, used commercial panels are cheap and mixed use AG cuts all the red tape with the county. Also, AG meters are commercial electric rates.

  12. perfect video. people have a misunderstanding about how solar works.. "its about storing the energy" to run one S19 for 24 hours.. . you would have WAAAY more money invested on your solar system than a FEW S19s…. even if they were bought a year ago…..

  13. Used panels and all in one inverters are cheap the battery bank to keep the miner running overnight is the killer in this deal. Hopefully the per KWh cost on the new Polyjule batteries will help.

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