How to Mine Crypto 2023 Easy Nicehash

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  1. great video !!! is all about bitcoin mining? or mining any other crypto? Because i heard that BTC can mine only upto 21 million BTC and we have already mined 19.3 million. Please advise

  2. damn, that's so little, I"m currently making around 0.20 cents just from using Brave Browser, it pays you to have adds. and it also block adds . i'ts a win win. I'm making more 0.$ just from using my normal browsing . that sucks for you miners because al the electricity cost.

  3. So if it only pays 16 cents a day, how come people say Bitcoin Banks the unbanked? I mean if they don't have a bank but need money to buy Bitcoin and the alternative is mining it for 16 cents a day, then how does that make any sense?

  4. There’s a strong possibility I will be getting a bitcoin mining machine and if I do, I will contact you so you can tell me what charity you would like me to donate $1000

    Really great video. Thanks for explaining everything in detail.

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